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Cyril Harris

HOUSTON, Texas, United States
Artist (Painting, Drawing)
Born unknown date
Art is life

I has saved me many of times with bouts of depression.I have been a painter most of my life . Although for many years my time invested in it was very limited. I started a family at a very early age , so my focus was on survival. I remember getting up 5:30am each morning before work just to dedicate a few hours to my art. I was eventually granted a few art scholarships for painting here at Houston's Glassell art school, based the the work I produced. This training added to my skills, although I still lacked the time to develop them. I retired a few years back, so now time really isn't a issue. With my extra time I feel like I am gaining confidence and skills required to aster the art. During this time I have also discovered the art of songwriting. I have written and produce over 70 songs on my own. I hope to continue my advancements in the arts, and add my individuality to the art world. Although much of my work seems to have a African American theme, That's part of my world, and I believe this world is underrepresented.

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