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Claudio De Sat

Krakow, Poland
Artist (Photography)
Born unknown date
I am but one apprentice to Nature.

Claudio de Sat is a professional photographer.  He pursued his first career in photography, back in the analog age. He could recognize the historic importance of the transition to digital, but he didn't immediately embrace it, due to what he perceived as qualitative shortcomings. During a 12-year hiatus, he turned to graphic design. Eventually, the technology came of age and he started an even more fulfilling second career as a digital photographer.

He is a generalist who can handle multiple genres, and he has been involved at a professional level both in artistic and commercial projects.

His favorite "studio" is the big outdoors. For indoor photoshoots, he prefers to set up his lighting equipment in locations less sterile than four walls and a background.

Claudio de Sat was born in Italy. He lives a nomadic lifestyle. Published, among others, by Time magazine, the Guardian, Lonely Planet, Geo, der Spiegel, Vogue Italia, Motocross, and Corriere Della Sera. Author of book and magazine covers, and corporate advertising campaigns. Affiliated to Getty Images.

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