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Caren Keyser

Melbourne, Florida, United States
Artist (Painting, Collages)
Born 1946
Painting is always on my mind and in my spirit, a gift from the artistic muse.

Caren Keyser has enjoyed a long career as an artist after studying fine art at Florida Atlantic University where she first began painting with acrylics.  Over the years, as she moved from photorealism to expressionism to abstract, she has been honored with many awards and participated in many juried exhibitions.

The current work focuses on abstract paintings filled with exciting brushstrokes, lines and color.  Her recent expressionistic work has been intuitive, creating from her imagination and allowing the paint to guide her while she works.  It is only after the painting begins to develop that a subject may arise out of the paint itself.  It could be little more than a gesture or she may develop it more while retaining the nature of the brushstrokes and lines that take priority over subject.

Because the surface of the paint informs the subject of the painting Caren Keyser does not know what she will paint until she has painted it. She loves when  a hint of a story is revealed within the painting. Facial expressions appear in the paint that were not copied from a model but come as a gift from some unseen muse to pull on the emotions of the viewer and the artist herself.   

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