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Christof Bamberg

Berlin, Germany
Artist (Photography, Painting)
Born 1969
Spiritsgambad - Mysterium tremendum et fascinans - The Child of valid Doubt and higher Trust

Christof Bamberg is a professionnel photographer. The roots and leaves of his creative existence under the artist label Spiritsgambad. He is not fitting drawers and he means it. he ever was a call for freedom. His generation got a part for it. He was the wave that took it all. He is no friend of conformisms, conformisms in the way 'certain believe to have eaten wisdom with a golden spoon.

At the age of 7, his father put a camera into his hands, and said, do what you want with it. He did so as for anything and he created since for his pleasure. He started to paint and always played and played intensive music. All combined to a unique need for expression. He went completed this by writing thousands of texts in 3 languages.

Behind the expression, there is an unconventional art of being, way beyond visuality, an eventually Mystical and Psychanalytical something, subliminal. Caring for higher values, emotional, existential, physical, highly present, and authentic. Anti-toxic values. 

Christof Bamberg was born in 1969. He lives and works in Berlin (Germany). His work is present in many private collections.

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