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Christian Gorget

Nogent sur Oise, France
Artiste (Peinture)
Né(e) en 1953

Christian Gorget
French painter, born in Orléans (December 14th 1953).

Autodidact, starts painting in his early twenties (oil painting from 1976). Finds a way between his own experiences and traditional techniques he draws from books. That type of duality/synthesis is meant to be the mark of his activities.

Neither totally abstract nor figurative. Unintentional by design, the physical gestures of the hand are corrected by the mental control of the eye.

« Hyporealism » is the chosen keyword to describe altogether, the painting, the life, the strategy.
(Le « Groupe Hypo-réaliste », founded in 1987 has succeeded in being unrealistic and is now a one-member group).

The core idea of Hyporealism (« Reality does not exist »), apart its long religious and philosophical tradition, is adapted to the painting of mental landscapes and inner research.

Wargames, Astrology and Science-Fiction are the privileged components of the inspiration. Role-Playing Games, with the numerous warriors, priests and sorcerers born of the Game Master's activity, have grown new concepts like « mystic alea » were the dice throwing produces oracle as Geomancy or I Ching.

Beyond the conviction that we enter a New Psychedelic Era, the current theme (or obsession) is

the labyrinth : How to map it, how to get out ?

Main painting events
1978 First exhibition at the « Salon des Beaux Arts » in Creil
1979 Inaugural show at the Cergy-Pontoise Town Hall
1981 Grand Public Award at the « Salon des Beaux Arts »
1982 City of Creil Award
1983 Claude Tabet Award. The prized painting « Die old planet ! » shows the debut of a deep transformation.
1987 Creation of the « Groupe Hypo-Réaliste »
1988 Personal Exhibition at the « Théâtre des déchargeurs » in Paris
1989 Espace Matisse in Creil
1990 Exhibition at the « Château de Chantilly » for the « Fire nights »
1992 Moves to Canada. Under contract with Milart Gallery of Montreal
1993 Permanent exhibition at the Athena Gallery in Compiègne
1994 Exhibition at Saatchi & Saatchi's in Neuilly sur Seine
Radio France International – Maison de la radio in Paris
1995 Patrick Dupont Gallery in Kortrijk – Belgium
1996 Galerie Claeyssens in Lille
1997 Espace Matisse in Creil
2000 Espace Matisse in Creil
2006 Galerie Renaissance in Senlis
2007« L'art rue dans l'art » Gallery in Beauvais
2008 Claire de Villaret Gallery in Paris

2010 Grace Teshima Gallery - Paris

2012 Salon de la Science-Fiction à Nogent sur Oise

2018 espace Séraphine Louis - Clermont de l'Oise

2022 Le Relais de la Malmaison - Rueil-Malmaison

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