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Sergey Bunkov

Holon, Israel
Artist (Painting, Collages)
Born unknown date

Curriculum Vitae
Name: Sergey Bunkov
Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2012- "Amanita Muscaria", Holon Theatre, Holon, Israel.
2009 – "…and the golden wings of praying mantises", The Old City Caesarea Gallery, Israel.
2009 – The National Liberty Museum, Glass gallery, Philadelphia, USA.
2008 -"Sergey Bunkov", Alternative Gallery, Paris, France.
2007 – "People of Tarot", Yaniv Glass Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
2006 – "Sergey Bunkov", Thomas R.Riley Galleries, Cleveland OH, USA.
2005 – "Black Jack", Yaniv Glass Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2004 – "Love story…", Gallery of Professional Visual Artists Association, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Selected Group Exhibition:
2012- Short list and exhibition, Taiwan International Art Competition, ART Revolution, Taiwan
2011- Israeli Glass 2011, Eretz Isrel Museum, Israel.
2009 - SOFA Chicago, represented by The Old City Caesarea Gallery. USA.
2009 - Liberty Glass Weekend an Auction, the National Liberty Museum, Philadelphia, USA
2009- SOFA Santa Fe, represented by The Old City Caesarea Gallery, USA.
2008 – "The Bridge for Peace", Material Matters Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
2007 – IJAYA Competition, Short list, Christie's, Ben Uri Gallery, London.
2007 – Fragile Reality, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel.
2007- Glass Weekend'07, an International Symposium and Exhibition for Contemporary Glass, Wheaton Arts, Millville, NJ, USA.
2007- "PalmBeach3", represented by Thomas R. Riley Gallery, Palm Beach, USA.
2006 – SOFA, represented by Thomas R. Riley Galleries, Chicago, USA.
2006 – "Israel contemporary applied arts", Ben Uri Gallery, London.
2005- SOFA, "Updating Traditions" represented by AIDA, Chicago, USA.

Sculptural Projects
2006 – 'Timing", glass sculpture, Rupin College, Israel.
2004 – Alix de Rothschild Award, special commendation for glass work
Catalogue (selected):
2012- ART Revolution, Competition Short List , Taiwan
2011- Israeli Glass 2011, Eretz Israel Museum, Israel
2010-New Glass Review 31, The Corning Museum of Glass, USA
2010-Studio Glass, Collection Anna and Joe Mendel, The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
2008 – Essay "AIDA: Fostering Israel's Contemporary Artists working in Glass", SOFA, Chicago, USA.
2008- "The Bridge for Peace", International Glass Show, Toronto, Canada.
2007 – IJAYA Competition, Ben Uri Gallery, Christie's, London.
2007 – " Fragile Reality", Israel Artists Creating in Glass, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel.
2006 – Essay "Confession of Three Curators", AIDA, SOFA, Chicago, USA.

Selected collections:
Yale University Art Gallery, USA
Toledo Art Museum, USA
Eretz Israel Museum, Israel
Anna and Joe Mendel Glass Collection

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