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Борис Тетюшин

St.Petersburg, Russia
Artist (Digital Arts, Painting)
Born 1991
anything is possible, the main thing is desire

I am a graphic designer, musician and cat lover.I have been drawing since 2015. Trying different methods of design creation. Most of my works are digital.

I love music and movie soundtracks. Especially sci-fi. After watching a movie there is a desire to create music and share it with everyone. I love my cat, whose name is Meowson. Maybe I'll share him with you by adding him to the plot of future pictures!

I also recently proposed to my girlfriend in an airplane, flying over the water and beautiful buildings of my city. She said yes! 

When I have free time, but I don't really feel like painting, I call up some friends and we sometimes play video games. Thanks to them I always have bright and unusual dreams, which I convert into digital art.

If you want to buy a digital license of my art in high resolution, which you can print yourself if you wish, please contact me! I'll give you a nice discount if payment is in cryptocurrency!

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