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Bernard Kahn Hasc

New York, NY, New York, United States
Artist (Painting)
Born unknown date

Bernard Kahn is an abstract artist who was born in New York City in 1984. He attended the Art Students League of New York and graduated from High School there as well, then went on to earn his BFA degree at CUNY.

After earning his degree, Bernard founded HASC - Hebrew Artists Social Community. He intended to create a place where artists can socialize and share their experiences. Bernard also organizes other engaging activities like painting in nature.

Bernard has received numerous awards for his work over the years. He was honored with a Commendation from the New York City Council, an Award for Excellence from The Art Alliance of Greater New York, and he also received Superior Honor Awards by both organizations. Bernard is nominated for several other recognitions on top of that as well! Despite not being publicly known (except to those who know him), his paintings have been highly appreciated by peers all around the world.

Bernard Kahn's paintings have a unique color and vibrancy, as seen in his abstract work. This is likely due to the fact that he started painting when he was a child and has continued to do so today.

Bernard, who is the founder of HASC, is a self-taught artist. He doesn't enjoy being compared to other people because he considers what they think is irrelevant. Although he loves painting because it takes him out of this world and makes him forget about living in our society full of vanity and competition at every turn, he's not fond when someone compares his work with others' art!

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