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Ben Backgroundcamel

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Artist (Painting, Printmaking)
Born 1987
Colourful shapes on lush surfaces!

Music can stir many emotions using various instruments and tones. Visual art can do the same using materials and colours. My work is influenced by music, especially electronic music such as 8-bit and Chiptune. These are genres that use (or are influenced by) computer consoles to create their sound (think Mario or Tetris theme tunes). The very ‘plinky-plonky’ tunes make me visualise simple straight lines and shapes. The simple, unnatural beeping notes, together with the flashing bright lights and glow sticks that you would see at the live performances, influence the colours I use; bright, bold, undiluted, and unnatural.

Shape, space and composition are very interesting to me. I use photographs of objects, relating with each other, to cause interesting shapes for my paintings. I am interested in architecture, especially Brutalism, which many of my images are based on. Like the music I listen to, I sometimes use aesthetically pleasing compositions and colours but at other times use shapes that lie uncomfortably together with clashing colours fighting for dominance.

My installation work is based on the same ideas, and like music I aim to create an experience for the viewer. Because where a song is sound that stirs emotions and creates images in the mind, a gig or concert is a totally different experience. An experience that you share with other people. It's a total escape! The loud music and flashing lights making your head spin, the ultimate rush. I want people to come away from my installation work feeling like they we truly immersed in it. That it made an impact.

I mainly work with fluorescent or metallic colours on shiny materials. Like electronic music has a very unnatural sound, I like my work to have an unnatural aesthetic. I also work with other colours on various materials though. Unlike electronic music, I prefer the process of hand-making my artworks rather than using machines.

I don't strive for perfection in my paintings; I embrace mistakes and imperfections - these are what make works of art personal and unique to the artist.

However, when it comes to commissioned work that requires a pristine finish, I embrace all necessary technology to create a product that truly stands out.

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