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La Prairie, Quebec, Canada
Artist (Painting)
Born 1943
Creativity is a source of strength and happiness, one of the best treasures to possess, which nobody can steal from us

Born in Madrid (Spain), Maria now spends her time between Canada, the United States and Spain, which influences her style and her vision. She studied Fine Arts and foreign languages and started painting at fifteen. In Canada since 1966, she has completed courses in Fashion Design, Jewellery making and Interior Design. She has also worked in the fashion industry and successfully created a jewellery design and manufacturing company. Her creations have been distributed across Canada and the United States and her work has been often mentioned in specialized, as well as popular magazines.

Since 1991, she has concentrated her efforts and creativity in fine oil painting, following additional Fine Arts courses, workshops, as well as an autodidactic venue.

A classic and realistic artist she often chooses to add an impressionistic flair to her canvas. Her love for nature is reflected in her work, where she tries to capture the feeling created by a particular moment in time and space. In her constant exploration, we find expressionism and abstract on her canvases, as well. Her art has been commented upon and published in newspapers and magazines and we have seen it progress through numerous exhibitions, solo and in-group. Her paintings are found in England, Spain , Canada and the United States.

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