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Mere, Belgium
Artist (Photography, Drawing)
Born 1980
My work is inspired by nature and it own will, life as you know it.

Marin (Maryna Polishchuk) is a female drawing artist and photographer.  She could describe her work as "photography meets painting", they are not collages. It is digital photography, developed as analog.

Her photography is inspired by nature and her own will, her beauty. She is looking for paintings made by nature. She tries to capture the vulnerable and wonderful moments around us. In this way, she wants to teach the audience to look at and enjoy the environment of every day.

Her drawings and paintings are mainly black and white. Pastel on paper or oil on canvas. They are like snapshots in the studio but expressed in pastel or oil paint. In portrait, she finds recognisability very important. That is not only physical but also the emotional aspect, the behavior. Those are the eyes that interest her the most. It is very banal that they reflect the soul, but to her, that is the truth. She expresses different feelings through her eyes.

Marin is a female artist born in 1980.  She studied painting and drawing at the Academy of Art in Kharkiv (Ukraine) and photography in Belgium at the Art Academy in Aalst. Her photo works were in the final of the Canvas collection 2008 in Bozar. She has participated in many exhibitions: Anastasija Art Gallery 2021 Aalst  (Belgium),  Art3F 2019 Brussel (Belgium), Talented Art Fair 2019 London (England)...

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