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new york, New York, United States
Artist (Painting, Drawing)
Born 1958
Too much of everything but not enough of anything to be good enough for something.

Helene Ruiz was born in New York City and has been drawing and painting since childhood. Her father was the major influence in her creative interests and he always encouraged her to express herself through her art. He, being an artist himself, was her teacher, mentor and inspiration.

In October of 2008 Helene Ruiz organized the Urban Individualists, an artists collective. This artist collective was born from the vision of Helene Ruiz, an artist who resides and works out of her apartment in the Bronx, NY. Her vision is to assemble a group of artists, both visual and performing, into a collective body. This group represents a multicultural network of collaborating individualists cohesively working as a unit. Ms. Ruiz has worked long hours to link her dream to the aspirations of others.

"The Urban Individualists believe that we can make an impact in art as a collective body, separated only by our distinct styles. We have a voice that needs to be heard."

Helene has curated  many events and projects.

" I paint all the time. It is as vital to me as is water for life. I guess if I paint it, maybe it won't ever die." Helene Ruiz

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