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Antonia Emma

Artista (Arte digitale)
Nato a data sconosciuta

Sensitive to contemporaneity, I struggle for the present..

..I am a visual artist committed to questioning what is happening, what we can create .. , in a dialogue between what authentically belongs to us and what is foreign to us. Questioning one's vision with curiosity, and then translating it into action, and even before that, into thought and conception, in a "loving" flow, for the passion of the world of life, of what one is; and what one could be.

Digital art allows me the immediacy that translates vision into image form, that communicates thought, strength, and energy, to leave a trace of passage, to make a small impact, like a breath or like a drop on a stone, to accompany easily: in small presence.

I live in Italy, have worked in the field of graphic design, artistic expression, photography, and I'm here to present my works .. I’ll never stop telling.

Artistic studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania, specializing in Set Design, and at DAMS in Bologna, specializing in Theatre and Cinema.
Completed a two-year course in Set Design at the Limonaia Theatre in Sesto Fiorentino (FI), and gained experience in set design for performances at the Le Laudi Theatre in Florence, as well as in interior design at the Scianna Architecture Studio.
Produced graphic design proposals for Swatch, illustrations for children's books (including the Pulcina series and the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel), and collaborated on graphic design projects with Leaf - Ideas for Communication.
Additionally, launched professional initiatives as a freelancer with Soel and as a freelance designer with Simplicity Design and Stellet Licht Design.
Collaborated on screenwriting and directing at RecStudio27 in Bologna.
Served as a webmaster for the website project, promoting alternative, ethical, humane, and ecological lifestyles.
Engaged in visual art activities with and poetic activities with
Received training in Artistic Expressiveness and Wellness through Art in Bologna, and created individual Artelibera workshops for adults and children in Bologna and Rovereto.
Conducted intimate landscape, urban, and natural photography through

My works are available on:
Artmajeur: Fine Art Prints on Hahnemühle paper, canvas, wood. Gallery-quality printing with Whitewall
Saatchi Art: Fine Art Prints

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