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Angie Chapman

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Artist Statement

Visual artist, Angie Chapman, has amalgamated her design background and fascination with the interaction of colour into her art practice. Colour plays an important role in Chapman's work. She offers multiple points of entry, but leaves it to the viewer to pave their own course through the work.

By applying the Japanese Wabi Sabi aesthetic, which is centred on acceptance and integration of imperfection, Chapman conveys in her art, through colour and texture, the imperfections that surround us and the beauty within. Through colour, the artist encourages the observer to question and interpret the manner in which colour influences them personally.

From the artist; "Colour represents the jumping-off point from which the viewer can interpret my work through their own eyes. How does it make them feel? Perhaps it triggers a memory or a dream. Colour is like that. It is observed differently on an individual basis. Colour, like life, is imperfect. I find the imperfections add interest which, perhaps ironically, possess their own beauty and perfection."


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