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Alicia Lopez

California, United States
Artist (Painting)
Born unknown date
Art is not just a frozen moment of time it's the opportunity to see the perfection in that specific situation of time.

   Alicia Lopez is an American painter who has taken part in both solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States and Mexico. Her desire to be an artist was awakened early in her life, as a child she would make believe exhibitions for her mom. Her mother has always been her biggest supporter and encouraged her to pursuit her dreams in the art world. 

 "Without the beautiful angel god assigned me as a mom, I wouldn't be who I am. All I am and will ever be is thanks to her. The strongest, kindest and most lovable human being you will ever meet!"

   Alicia Lopez embraces the freedom of creation and the abilities of communicating through her artwork. Every single painting she creates carries behind a passionate story of her desire to make the world a beautiful and peaceful dream. Her paintings unite imagination and nature to welcome a full embrace of all the beauties that surround us. 

"Without imagination I wouldn't have created 80% of my artworks."

  She considers herself to be a "free-spirited" artist and does not identify with any particular style. Her artworks convey the beautiful, silent, and ever present force of nature. She prefers to work using oils and acrylics, she favors acrylics due to their versatility and fast drying time. Never limiting herself to anything in particular that would limit her abilities to create.

"I love to create freely without limitations or impossibilities. The best thing about art is there's no limitations."

  Through the years Alicia Lopez has been able to accumulate a vast recognition and fan following in the art world. Allowing her to expend her range internationally. Granting the opportunity to have a multitude of solo exhibits and group collaborations with enormous success. 

"Success to me is the ability to be able to create and love what you do. What seals it all together is having others love what you made with so much passion.

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