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Karen Nealon

Wasilla, Alaska, United States
Artist (Painting)
Born unknown date
Capturing light and shadow is everything! It is always the light that I remember most about any location or subject and my inspiration.

Karen has been studying and creating art for over 50yrs, inspired by animals and nature in Alaska and Arizona.  Her primary residence is in Alaska, however she has been ‘snow birding’ to Arizona for the last 10 yrs.  Karen has displayed and sold her art in Oro Valley, Arizona at Framed to Perfection Gallery and the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum & Art Institute where she received her Nature Art Certification

Reference photos are used for each of her subjects, whether they are received with permission from the photographer or are a part of Karen’s own photography or sketch pad.

Karen’s medium of choice is Scratchboard, which is a ‘subtractive’ process of removing the top layer of black or colored ink to reveal the white clay underneath.  Tools of choice are an Xacto knife, tattoo needles, fiberglass brush and other assorted abrasives. This process provides the dramatic effects she is looking for.

Other mediums are acrylic , watercolor, graphite and colored pencil.  Acrylic pouring and fluid art provides the outlet I need to relax and be creative, discover what's beneath the detailed work she does.

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