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Pavel Agafonov

St Petersburg, Russia
Artist (Painting)
Born 1971

Pavel V. Agafonov – the artist

What are doing for the rest of Your life?

PAVEL V AGAFONOV is a Russian born international artist. PAVEL V AGAFONOV started his career in early 1990th. During the 1990s his career was developing along the line of subjective and later ornamental cubism – poetry in geometry. After many experiments PAVEL V AGAFONOV arrived to what floating art which is more of a way of thinking than another ‘ism’. It is way of looking at things from a different angle.

Float-art is a central theme in PAVEL V AGAFONOV works today. He continues to create landscape painting for clients. But his true drive is with the abstract float art. It is a revelation or an incidental insight into common things and situation that leads to a discovery of a new meaning. Such meaning provides viewer with an emotional, aesthetic and intellectual experience. Sometimes PAVEL V AGAFONOV’s art is accompanies with satirical humor and other times is a reflective meditation.

Every piece of the art created by PAVEL V AGAFONOV has a long and sophisticated title that creates a stage setting for the experience. He takes titles very serious. Often his work starts as a title. The visual expression comes later via meditation or sketching and color exploration.

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