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Alina Shimova

Москва, Россия
Художник (Картина)
Родился в 1985
You must be heroe for your self

The formation of Shimova's artistic style was influenced by the art of the United States, in particular pop art culture with its philosophy and technique of performance, designed for a mass audience. In general, Shimova was inspired by the spirit of freedom, was able to move away from the canons and reveal herself from a new side.

Shimova has taken part in many group exhibitions from 2015 to the present. Now many of her works are in private collections of Russian and European art collectors. Her work has also been exhibited at the Bruce Gallery in the United States.

In 2021, her personal exhibition "SUPERWONAN"  was held in Moscow. Representatives of the media, the public, and statesmen were invited to it. After the exhibition, articles were published in which critics praised Shimova's speech before the opening of the exhibition, the paintings and the good organization of the event.

Now Shimova is painting on a serie of animalistic works. She is the vice-president of the international union of animal painters and is involved in charity work. Part of the money from the sale of paintings goes to animal welfare funds.

Also the NFT-project about bitcoins is in process, the main theme of which is the connection between art and technology. Shimova is also currently working on a series of works inspired by the work of Liechtenstein. The main object of these works is the Beauty of men.

Откройте для себя современные произведения искусства от Alina Shimova, посмотрите последние работы и купите онлайн. Категории: русские современные художники (родился в 1985). Художественные домены: Картина. Тип учётной записи: Художник , зарегистрирован 2020 (Страна происхождения Россия). Купить последние работы Alina Shimova на Artmajeur: Откройте для себя потрясающие произведения современного художника Alina Shimova: . Просматривайте его художественные произведения, покупайте оригинальные работы или высококачественные репродукции.

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