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Jun-Jun Sta. Ana

Jun-Jun Sta. Ana ©2015

©2015 Jun-Jun Sta. Ana

Opening November 6, 2015 at the Cultural Centre of the Philippines ( C.C.P.) at 6 pm- "Chromatext Rebooted". Group show featuring artists and writers/ poets. Main Gallery and 3rd floor hallways.

Opening December 3, 2015, group show of the Association of Pinoyprintmakers (or P.A.P.) "TERRITORIES". Cultural Centre of the Philippines. Small Gallery, 4th floor hallways and atria.

Opening January 7, 2016. Art Informal in Greenhills. Solo show titled " HAGIOGRAPHY".

Check out works at the following venues: a-11 GALLERY; ART INFORMAL GALLERY; THE DRAWING ROOM GALLERY; ART VERITE GALLERY; TIN-AW Gallery; and The Triboa Living Showrooms at the LRI Building in Makati and SM Megamall.

Show Reviews:

NOVA Gallery video of the "Autobiography" Show, August 2013:

'Identity & Perception". Talk at Asian American Asian Research Institute (AAARI) of the City University of New York (CUNY), Oct 2012: