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Artists, Art galleries: create your own online art gallery up and running in minutes !

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Artworks presented 10 1,000 Unlimited
Sell fine prints & posters  

Sell prints with your works: Increase your revenues by selling high quality fine prints and posters: Artmajeur takes care of everything from ordering to shipping, and you receive up to 100% of the profits.

Sell your originals on Artmajeur  

Accept direct payments from your clients worldwide. (Wire transfer, Bank Check, Money Order, PAYPAL etc...)
Artmajeur helps you manage all aspects of selling your work. Keep on creating art and promoting your galleries. Let us transform your contacts into clients who buy your work!
Visitors will be able to browse your art on the Artmajeur Art Gallery and buy securely. All sales are 100% guaranteed by Artmajeur. The client is guaranteed to receive his or her artwork, and you are guaranteed to get paid.
No exclusivity is required: You may present and sell your artwork anywhere else you like.
We ask only a few things from you:
- upload nice pictures of your work with proper titles and description
- provide a relevant sale price and do not sell for a lower price elsewhere
- respond to sales request within 48 hours

5% 0% commission on sales 0% commission on sales
Online image editor  

Easily edit, rotate and crop your images directly online, from the comfort of your account on Artmajeur!

Get a professional domain name (  

Your site will be available directly from your domain name. You can buy several domain names if you like, they will all be redirected to your website.

Optional Optional
Professional Art Website  

Create your own Online Art gallery ! You will be able to send your clients directly to your art in a professional-looking website with your own colors and styles.
Follow statistics: Use your own Google Analytics account!

Custom Design Exclusive templates
Get more visibility

Your name will appear bigger and get more attention on Artmajeur's listings.

Standard +50% +150%
Link to your site
Original images secure archiving

Your original images are archived in our servers in an ultra-secure environment. You can recover and download your original files at any moment.

Facebook Art Shop

Take full advantage of the huge market opportunity offered by Facebook: present and sell your artworks right on your own Facebook artist page! All your artworks are automatically synchronized with your Artmajeur account.


Enter custom HTML/JS/CSS (expert)

Priority support

Your messages are processed in priority.

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All great features are already included in our services!

Fully E-commerce enabled

Sell your originals on Artmajeur, Sell prints with your works. Accept direct payments from your clients worldwide. (Wire transfer, Bank Check, Money Order, PAYPAL etc...)

iPhone / iPad / androids

Make your artwork available on mobiles and tablets: Take your online portfolio everywhere with you and showcase your art like a pro!

Watermark protection

Protect all your images with a single click! A secure watermark will be embedded automatically within your image file.

Get feedback!

Participate in the art community and build connections. Publish new art regularly, write interesting articles and blogs, and comment on other artists' blogs and works of art.


Create coupons to offer discounts to your customers. For a maximum efficiency, you can create a coupon and send a mailing to your clients and contacts for every special occasion like mother's day, valentine's day, Christmas or any special occasion!


This section is a great promotion tool : you can build & manage your own Mailing List / Newsletter and keep several hundreds of your visitors informed. You can subscribe/unsubcribe visitors whenever you want. Visitor can also subscribe and unsubscribe themselves, everything is done automatically and you will receive a notification by email for each action.

Facebook, Google+, Twitter, VK

Easily share and publish your art to a targeted audience. Artmajeur is fully integrated with major social networks!


Ongoing and Upcoming art events. Announce your events and keep your public informed


What's new? Use this space to tell your public and followers about your current work, events, projects, ideas. Your blog is a free text page: you may as well just write about your mood or anything your like!


On this section, you can present videos about your works.
YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo

Secure messaging

Artmajeur's private message section is 100% secure. Visitors must identify themselves to contact you, and your email address is never shown to them unless you provide it to them. You can search the contact name in the "scams and alerts" section and use the localization tool to verify your contact's location.

Get feedback!

Guestbook, Image Comments: Receive comments and messages from visitors about your art or blog posts.

External integration, API

Artmajeur integrates seamlessly with major service providers and also provides an API to build external applications.
PayPal, Google Analytics, Artmajeur API

International, multilingual website

Maximize your potential for getting contacts by delivering your art to a worldwide audience.

All our services are offered with No Engagement!
Non profit organization ? Contact us for special discounts and sponsorship programs. Contact

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See what artists have to say about Artmajeur!

Espi Ruiz Portrait

Muy bien el sitio. Espero poner muchas obras aqui. Gracias.
Espi Ruiz , Spain   1 day ago

jaklinclo Portrait

Quelle belle vitrine pour nos œuvres que cette fenêtre ouverte sur le monde entier...j'ai dit ARTMAJEUR ! Bravo à toute l'équipe !
jaklinclo , France   2 days ago

Ahmed FERTAT Portrait

Un grand merci à toutes celles et à tous ceux qui ont voté pour moi. Cet Awards Silver 2015 me procure une joie immense et enflamme mon désir d'aller encore de l'avant pour décrocher le GOLD AWARDS. Merci aussi à Artmajeur de contribuer à faire connaître tous les artistes. Amicalement
Ahmed FERTAT , Morocco   18 days ago

Noëlle RIOUS Portrait

Merci à tous ceux et celles qui ont permis que j'obtienne cette distinction ,c'est un grand plaisir et un encouragement,merci à toute l'équipe d'Artmajeur.
Noëlle RIOUS , France   22 days ago

Yves Conte Portrait

Un très grand merci à toutes celles et à tous ceux qui ont voté pour moi. Cet Awards Silver me procure une joie immense. Merci à Artmajeur de contribuer à faire connaître tous les artistes. Vous êtes formidables.
Yves Conte , France   25 days ago

Luky Portrait

i got my old profile please check out Lukša Obradović
Luky , Croatia   33 days ago

Isabelle Vouriot Portrait

Bravo Sonya... je suis en admiration devant tes toiles... tu es très talentueuse... vraiment j'adore... continue surtout...
Isabelle Vouriot , France   49 days ago

Rosemay Portrait

C'est vrai, vous êtes des chefs! Rien à redire si ce n'est un grand professionnalisme.. Merci à l'équipe.
Rosemay , France   51 days ago

TÉPAZ Portrait

Bravo et un grand merci à toute l'équipe. Vous êtes des Chefs !
TÉPAZ , France   56 days ago

Louin-Lecoeur Portrait

Merci à tous ceux qui gèrent ce site, à ceux qui le font vivre , à ceux qui s'intéressent au travail des autres, et surtout à artmajeur qui permet ces échanges.
Louin-Lecoeur , France   59 days ago

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