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Gondwana : (African-cubist Style) 2010
Mixed Media, 61x180 cm by Etherae Artiste invité #2 : Matthew Cervenka (NYC)© / ETHERAE

About this artwork: Gondwana : (Mexican-cubist Style) «Hijarpe» © Inspirée du tableau «Autochtone» de Matt Cervenka, artiste Newyorkais Foulard rectangulaire. Dimensions : +/- 61 cm x 180 cm (+/- 24" x 71"). Prix : 525 $. NOTE : Gondwana is the name given to a southern precursor supercontinent. Its final geological suturing occurred between ca. 570 and 510 million years ago (Ma), joining East Gondwana to West Gondwana. It included most of the landmasses in today's southern hemisphere, including Antarctica, South America, Africa, Madagascar, Australia-New Guinea, and New Zealand, as well as Arabia and the Indian subcontinent, which have now moved entirely into the Northern Hemisphere.

Mixed Media, Textiles, red rouge orange black noir beige brown brun african mexicain mexican Gondwana cubiste cubist blue bleu rose pink green vert yellow jaune burgundy bourgogne ligne linear line hijab arabe rectagular rectangle scarf écharpe foulard Xian Cervenka Matt Mathe
373 views | Added Mar 13, 2010
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