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Kachina_Berry : (Native American Hopi style) 2010
Mixed Media, 61x180 cm © by Xian présente les ABSTRA_XIAN Follow ETHERAE! / ETHERAE

About this artwork: Kachina_Berry : (Native American Hopi style) «Hijarpe» © Inspirée du tableau «KachinaBerry» de Matt Cervenka, artiste Newyorkais Foulard rectangulaire. Dimensions : +/- 61 cm x 180 cm (+/- 24" x 71"). Prix : 525 $. NOTA : A kachina (also katchina or katcina) : In Hopi, the word qatsina means literally "life bringer" and can be anything that exists in the natural world or cosmos. A kachina can represent anything from a revered ancestor, to an element, a location, a quality, a natural phenomenon, or a concept. There are more than 400 different kachinas in Hopi and Pueblo culture. The local pantheon of kachinas varies in each pueblo community; there may be kachinas for the sun, stars, thunderstorms, wind, corn, insects, and many other concepts. Kachinas are understood as having humanlike relationships; they may have uncles, sisters, and grandmothers, and may marry and have children. Although not worshipped, each is viewed as a powerful being who, if given veneration and respect, can use their particular power for human good, bringing rainfall, healing, fertility, or protection, for example.

Mixed Media, Textiles
305 views | Added Mar 13, 2010
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