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Latest News: Press release !!!!!!!!!!!!!!EXHIBITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 27 th of APRIL 2007 till 1ST of MAY 2007 HOEVE DIESEGHEM MORTSEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EXHIBITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL WELCOME
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be Mortsel, Belgium


Globetrotter, self taught artist. I consider myself as a raw artist. I like the idea of being raw, no frills...Inspired by visions,emotions,(day)dreams, real places and situations, quotes, sayings,and any culture different than mine View full profile »

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7x9 cm ©2011 by Q.Mumu

Oct 23, 2011

13,5x8 cm ©2011 by Q.Mumu

Oct 23, 2011

10x17 cm ©2011 by Q.Mumu

Oct 23, 2011

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