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Stephen Lucas

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From Within 9 - Painting,  7x5 in ©2011 by Stephen Lucas -  Painting, Oil
From Within 9 - Painting, 7x5 in ©2011 by Stephen Lucas - Painting, Oil
© 2011 Stephen Lucas

From Within 9 2011
Painting, 7x5 in © by Stephen Lucas Follow

About this artwork: New Works: “From Within 1-12” series. By Stephen Lucas Painted December 04>16, 2011 I had not painted for nearly a year, and I felt the urge to do it again. I asked the questions to myself, how can I fit my studio in a box, for easy use and clean up, I recalled the year 1995 when I drove for Super Shuttle at LAX part time to makes ends-meet. I purchased a Cotman watercolor kit , black India ink, and paper, to assemble a [“travel” in a box] art studio for the “down time” I could paint while waiting for my next run. Over the past year I focused on studying the law of commerce and how it affects the creditor or debtor relationship, at this time I have come to a better understanding of how it all touches our lives. However at this time my wife and I are traveling in and around California, we have chosen a nomadic lifestyle, we now call our motor-home our home and we love the freedom, and the new surroundings we experience as we sojourn through this life. The new art works I present to you are titled “From Within (numbers) 1-12”. The work is a reflection of my philosophy, to live presently, surrender to love, and the “all that is” while we journey towards truth, the truth that inspires greatness. Of course my philosophy is sometimes easier said then is realized, however I know it brings me peace of mind. The (7) inch by (5) inch watercolor/gouache paintings on Canson Mix Media 98 lb. paper are fresh, I love them, they bring me back to 1995 when I painted the images “Illuminatus”, “Relativity”, “The Equation” and “The Conversation”. This time around I paint with new eyes, wisdom and years of painting behind me. I see in my new work a heightened sense of visual energy. Earlier in my studies my professor would remind me that with painting “it is the image that matters!” (not the size of the piece) his statement freed me to paint small and large and to always consider that it is the image that matters. Enjoy, Stephen

Painting, Oil
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