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Stephen Lucas

Lucas Stephen

Stephen Lucas
us United States

Date of birth : 1959
Category : Painting (238) , Design (14)
Average Price : $90.00 - $10,000.00
257 Artworks ($219,855.00) - View all artworks »

S t e p h e n  L u c a s

S t e p h e n L u c a s

“There are in our lives moments of indescribable emotion, words fail us many times. This vision beyond the describable is the realm of non-representational art.” - Alexander Liberman

It is not Stephen’s thing to abstract the world around him. His challenge is to capture the “essence of life”, the unseen, without using words or identifiable objects. Stephen believes when a person is moved by his paintings, it is a "pure" experience, a communion, between the viewer and the painting, and on a deeper level, himself. This experience is not limited or influenced by words, places or things. It is beyond language, beyond differences, beyond dogma, beyond any and all association to the outside world. Therefore, what takes place is a private, personal conversation between the viewer and the painting, and he enjoys being the initiator of a profound natural experience of self-exploration. He believes that's where Freedom is found.

It’s been one of Stephen’s greatest pleasures in life to learn that sometimes, what a person experiences when viewing his art is so deep, that the place they discover within themselves is something they have longed to tap into, and his painting was the key to helping them unlock it. Stephen says “I believe that is what people recognize and appreciate about my art”. The colors and composition come from his subconscious connection to his intuitive vision; he says, “it's a spiritual thing”, my best work always comes from that part of me!”

In 1982 Stephen was awarded the Purchase Award at Ventura College School of Fine Art at Ventura, California, and later apprenticed with painter, teacher and theoretician, Wesley E. Johnson. During that time his focus turned to abstraction and he says, “it was then that my true artistic vision opened up and took flight.”

In 1998, a new dimension was added to Stephen’s career portfolio when major motion picture studios and national television networks brought his art to film! As well, with hundreds of collectors from around the world, Stephen’s audience is rapidly growing in an international market.

Artists are taught technique and how to see and draw the figurative world, but expression is from the soul and the soul longs for freedom. In expression there are no rules, but there IS truth, and truth can only be found deep within each and every one of us. Stephen’s art is an expression of the truth about him, his relationship with the All-That-Is and to everyone and everything around him. His work reflects his life; openly and honestly....and his belief that there are infinite possibilities in every situation. This is Stephen’s language transformed with paint for the pleasure of the viewer!

Viewing Stephen’s art is like brunch at a 5 star restaurant; it’s a feast.....for the eye as well as the soul!

Phone: 310-529-1070 PST

Media Acknowledgement

Media Acknowledgement


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Section features artist Stephen Lucas as Best Bets for the Week!
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Dyan Cannon, Film Actor- "I found an artist who touches my heart... I found his work uplifting as well as inspirational... Stephen Lucas is an original."

Michael Nouri, Film Actor- “Stephen Lucas is one of the most prolific artists I've seen. His use of color and space are inspiring. I believe he has great purpose as an artist which he is prepared to achieve. His work is from the heart which is always an inspiration.”

Expos Collective (Listing)

Art in Film
1998-2005 New Regency Pictures, "Just My Luck", with Lindsay Lohan & Chris Pine
Omaha Pictures, "Cesar"
Warner Bros. "Two and a Half Men"and "ER"
NBC's, "House"
NBC's, "Will & Grace"
20th Century's, "Point Pleasant"
Warner Brothers, "Without a Trace"
NBC's, "Men's Room"
20th Century Fox, "Mr. Ed"
20th Century's, "Fat Albert"
NBC's, "Friends"
NBC's, 'Crazy for You'
Warner Brothers, 'Two and a Half Men'
Warner Brothers, 'Drew Carey'
NBC's, 'Good Morning Miami'
"Crossroads", with Britney Spears
Warner Bros., 'Showtime' with Robert DeNiro & Eddie Murphy
ABC's, 'My Wife & Kids'
NBC's, 'Friends'
NBC's, 'Will & Grace'
ABC's, 'Dharma & Greg'
NBC's, 'West Wing'
NBC's, 'ER'
Miramax Films, ‘Bounce’, starring Ben Affleck & Gwyneth Paltrow
"Clockstoppers", with Paula Garces & Jesse Bradford
CBS’s, ‘Nash Bridges’
Warner Bros., 'Movie Stars'
"The Jamie Foxx Show"

Expos Solo (Listing)

2005 One Man Show-Legends Wine Cellars, Irvine California
2005 Group Show--Art Pic/North Hollywood, California
2004 One Man Show--John Charles Designs Showroom/High Point, N. Carolina
Group Show--Art Pic/North Hollywood, California
2003 Group Show--ME Gallery/San Francisco, California
Group Show--Art Pic/North Hollywood, California
Group Show--Martin Eng Gallery/San Francisco, California
2002 Group Show-Central Avenue Jazz Renaissance/ Los Angeles, California
Group Show--Celebrity Center/ Hollywood, California
Group Show--Art Pic/North Hollywood, California
2000 One Man Show-Stanczyk Gallery/Palm Springs, California
Group Show-Stanczyk Gallery/Palm Springs, California
One Man Show-Art encounter/Las Vegas, Nevada
Group Show--Art Pic/North Hollywood, California
1999 One Man Show-Paramount Studios, Hollywood, California
Group Show-Art encounter/Las Vegas, Nevada
Group Show-Best of Show Art Gallery/Great Falls, Montana
Group Show--Art Pic/North Hollywood, California
1998 Group Show-Carrara Galleries/Las Vegas, Nevada
Group Show-Uptown Gallery/Westerville, Ohio
One Man Show-Artcenter Palisades/Pacific Palisades, CA
Group Show-Art Pic/North Hollywood, California
1997 One Man Show-Gardens at Palisades/Pacific Palisades, CA
One Man Show-The Hungry Mind/Manhattan Beach, CA

Corporate Collections on Permanent Display

Bender/Helper Impact
Los Angeles, California

Prima Hotel
Elat, Israel

Leathermarket Joint Management Board
London, England

NBC Television Studios
Burbank, California

Sinai Temple
Westwood, California

John Charles Designs
Buena Park, California

Joie de Vivre Hotels
Hotel del Sol
San Francisco, California

Warner Brothers Studios
Burbank, California

Medi North America
Whitsett, North Carolina

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