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Laura Capurro

I am Maria Laura Capurro from Argentina. I invite you to see my first steps on Artwork. I expect you will enjoy the paintings and engravings and if not, sorry for the waste of time. Welcome!!!

Laura Capurro

Laura Capurro
ar Mercedes, Argentina

Biografia. Biography

Naci en 1965 en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Arquitecta UBA. Docente de CAD y dibujo tecnico. Pinto como aficcionada. Borned in 1965 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I studied Architecture at Buenos Aires University. I am Cad and technique design teacher. I paint in an amateur way. View full profile »

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©2014 by Laura Capurro

Sep 10, 2014

60x44 cm ©2014 by Laura Capurro

Mar 31, 2014

60x44 cm ©2014 by Laura Capurro

Mar 10, 2014

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