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Artiste Langdonart

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Langdonart MusicalinDeux - Painting ©2012 by Artiste Langdonart -  Painting
Langdonart MusicalinDeux - Painting ©2012 by Artiste Langdonart - Painting
© 2012 Artiste Langdonart

Langdonart MusicalinDeux 2012
Painting © by Artiste Langdonart Follow Artiste Langdonart!

About this artwork: This original painting on canvas is an Artiste Langdonart plein air, yes created outdoors, landscape painting considered to be in the next September 25th to October 1st this year exhibition at galerie Le 1040, at 1040 rue Marie-Anne Est, in Montreal, for you to come see and twice!! - this one is Langdonart painting titled Langdonart Musicalin (musical trees). And see also the 2nd image of it too titled: Deux Langdonart painting titled Langdonart MusicalinDeux 1v. Instead of $2,500.00, it is now at the special introductory price for a limited time at only $800.00 US; free delivery in the USA or Canada by mail.

75 views | Added Sep 9, 2012
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