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All the power and simplicity of Artmajeur are now available to present and sell your art online, right on your own artist website or art gallery website!
80,000 artists have already built their website on Artmajeur!

Create your own Online Art gallery !

You will be able to send your clients directly to your art in a professional-looking website with your own colors and styles.
Your site will be available directly from your domain name (

As low as $29.00 / year Plans and prices

As an artist, I need a website to present and sell my art, but...

I dont know how to build a website. I dont know where to start, and nobody can help me

You can do it yourself on Artmajeur! A very simple assistant will help you to build your website and present your art beautifully. No programming required: you can easily modify all aspects of your website using our simple forms and menus.

Give it a try! Change the site's background color    

Thousands of contemporary artists worldwide are using Artmajeur every day to promote and sell their artwork. They are painters, sculptors, photographers, and more, and they all used Artmajeur to create their sites.
Check out these beautiful websites. They have been created by artists just like you!

Marcelo Camargo Member since May 1, 2012, 6:25:13 PM

Hippo Member since Apr 10, 2016, 5:23:34 PM

Desnoyers Member since Sep 9, 2006, 10:07:55 AM

Richard Brandão Member since Aug 18, 2015, 11:20:41 PM

Lucio Carta Member since Dec 4, 2015, 12:27:39 AM

Ibara Member since Feb 23, 2015, 12:47:17 PM

I already have a website, but it is hard to maintain. Plus, it costs me a lot and it can't even do what I want!

Websites built by Artmajeur are specifically targeted for the art market. All our websites natively include all the features you need to promote and sell your art.
Besides, Artmajeur is very affordable and fits all budgets: our PREMIUM package allows you to sell with ZERO commission. It includes all features and is provided for the lowest price in the industry!

How much will it cost?

All our services are offered with No Engagement!

Artmajeur is very affordable and fits all budgets: our PREMIUM package includes all features and is provided as low as $2.00 per month! No need to spend a huge sum of money to get your website: all our services are provided as subscriptions with no obligation. You can pay monthly or yearly and you can stop your subscription at any moment.

Plans and prices

Non profit organization ? Contact us for special discounts and sponsorship programs. Contact

Will I receive visitors and contacts?

Absolutely! Our websites for artists are SEO optimized for search engines and carefully built to give you the best position on Google.
Additionally, you will get visitors browsing your art on Artmajeur's online gallery: each time you add images, we display them on the homepage of Artmajeur!

Good to know As a tool for you to optimize your online presence, Artmajeur alone will not make you rich or famous. Traffic, contacts, and sales mainly depend on your own efforts to promote your website. That is why Artmajeur empowers you with great tools to promote your work and website--like a newsletter, mailings, and advice about how to market your site.

How can I know if other artists are satisfied with your services?

We are very proud that 100,000 artists have already chosen Artmajeur to build their website.
At Artmajeur, we are very close to our members, and we focus on providing an excellent customer service. This is why 90% of our members keep renewing their subscription every year!

See what artists have to say about Artmajeur!

Luis Alves Portrait

Ocasionalmente encontrei o Armajeur fiquei encantado fascinante
Luis Alves , Portugal   4 days ago

Rosa Maria ou InêsMaomé Portrait

Uma amiga pintora apresentou- me Armajeur. Estou fascinada. Num só dia tive cerca de 700 visitas às obras aqui coloquei. Obrigada. Muito interessante.
Rosa Maria ou InêsMaomé , Portugal   6 days ago

Vittorio Paradisi Portrait

Fantastico essere su Artmajeur. très jolie!
Vittorio Paradisi , Italy   11 days ago

Yamo Portrait

Merci artmajeur pour cette occasion qui nous permets d'exposer nos œuvres d'arts.
Yamo , Morocco   14 days ago

Mabdeco Portrait

Bonjour Depuis 2006 que je connais artmajeur je le conseil à tous les artistes que je croise car il est simple d'utilisation et il permet d'avoir un site où l'on peut montrer ces oeuvres même si on ne sait pas se servir d'un ordinateur Marie Annick
Mabdeco , France   18 days ago

Jelena Gvozdenovic Portrait

Merci Artmajer.....merci pour tout le monde.....Jelena
Jelena Gvozdenovic , France   21 days ago

Paolo Orlando Portrait

grazei artmajer per il numero di visitatori in poco tempo ,spero di realizzare il mio sogno!!!
Paolo Orlando , France   21 days ago

michel baudet Portrait

Michel Baudet était un peintre inconnu,plus maintenant . Merci Artmajeur.Michel Baudet.
michel baudet , France   24 days ago

gerard monborren Portrait

merci à artmajeur pour son site j'ai quand même un doute sur le nombre de visites important au début à l'ouverture création du site puis depuis quelques jours presque pas de visite merci quand même cela permet de faire connaître mon travail gerard Monborren
gerard monborren , France   28 days ago

CJULIA Portrait

Merci à ARTMAJEUR et à ses 100.000 artistes du monde entier.
CJULIA , France   29 days ago

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