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Tombola!!!!!       5 toiles à gagner  -  5 paintings to win Thumbnail

Tombola!!!!! 5 toiles à gagner - 5 paintings to win
Sep 29, 2014 Blog by Mariska Ondrich Follow Mariska Ondrich!

    Pour célébrer l’occasion de Divali, la fête de lumières en Inde, qui se déroulera le 22 octobre, j’organise une tombola. Les participants peuvent gagner 5 toiles. Pour participer, il faut seulement envoyer votre nom, e-mail et la correcte réponse à la question de quizz avant le 21 octobre. Ici la question : Dans quelle région de l’Inde se trouve la ville Madurai ? (le nom concret de la région, pas seulement le Sud de l’Inde). La réponse est très facile à trouver à grâce de l’internet. Le... Read More »

YiXiong Gu Zen master painting show in Multinational Cultural Festival of New York 古一雄禪師于紐約多元文化節上展示禪畫 Thumbnail

YiXiong Gu Zen master painting show in Multinational Cultural Festival of New York 古一雄禪師于紐約多元文化節上展示禪畫
Sep 28, 2014 Blog by Gu,Yi-Xiong Follow Gu,Yi-Xiong!

YiXiong Gu Zen master painting show in Multinational Cultural Festival of New York                       Yang Zun reported that the World Zen Art Center, photography by Dr. Ching-tse Lee       At 12:00 on August 30 2014, the annual Multinational Cultural Festival by Asian-American Cultural Circle of Unity organized of New York, in Suffolk Y. Jewish Community Center .74 Hauppauge Road grand opening. There are more than a dozen artists from China and other countries in the exchange of Long Isl... Read More »
YiXiong Gu Zen Art Zen calligraphy Zen painting

Recorriendo galerías en Santiago de Chile Thumbnail

Recorriendo galerías en Santiago de Chile
Sep 27, 2014 Blog by Cristina Del Rosso Follow Cristina Del Rosso!

Agosto: mucho calor para ser invierno en Santiago de Chile. Recorrí junto a mis amigas pintoras las galerías... Estuvimos en una muestra de Miró, en la Galería Artespacio con cuadros de Carmen Aldunate y en la Galería Isabel Aninat, con una de collages. Y como en cada ciudad hay un museo con cuadros que hay que ver una y otra vez, estuve en el Museo de Bellas Artes para visitar a la joven misteriosa de la foto. Puedes seguir leyendo en mi blog: Si quieres... Read More »
Museo de Bellas Artes, Santiago de Chile, Carmen Aldunate, Miró, Corpartes, Artespacio, Galería Isabel Aninat, Pedro Lira Rencoret, La carta de amor

Oksana Veber paintings exhibition and tango workshops in Zelena Punta, Ugljan, Croatia. Thumbnail

Oksana Veber paintings exhibition and tango workshops in Zelena Punta, Ugljan, Croatia.
Sep 25, 2014 Blog by Oksana Veber Follow Oksana Veber!

                         Oksana Veber paintings exhibition        and tango workshops in Zelena Punta, Ugljan, Croatia. My name is Oksana Veber and I am an artist and painter. I would like to invite you to my exhibition.   I have been exhibiting every year in Croatia since 2005, mostly in Zadar and on Ugljjan, including Antic Glass Museum and Pucko Otvoreno Uciliste. I returned this year expecting to paint as usual but was delighted when Alena Havlova  of SARGAS SRO Tourist Agency in Pise... Read More »
Oksana Veber, art, paintings, exhibition, Argentinian tango, workshops, sea, Dalmatia, Adriatic, Zelena Punta, Ugljan, Croatia.

My Artistic Journey Thumbnail

My Artistic Journey
Sep 24, 2014 Article by Prodip Kumar Sengupta Follow Prodip Kumar Sengupta!

I love the medium Watercolor on Silk. It suits my temperament.On seeing the Works of Maestro Maniklal Banerjee in print Ifelt that this is the medium on which I should work.After much effort I had an Audience with the Maestro and later as a pupil I took extensive training from him.The technique of this medium is totally different from the technique of China, Japan and other eastern countries,and is totally a invention of  Maestro Banerjee. I have learnt most of the technique from him and added a... Read More »
artistic journey mountain sea flower and bird watercolor on silk Maniklal banerjee

ELIANA MARTINEZ at Carrousel Du Louvre PARIS October 2014 Louvre Museum Thumbnail

ELIANA MARTINEZ at Carrousel Du Louvre PARIS October 2014 Louvre Museum
Sep 24, 2014 Blog by Eliana Martinez Follow Eliana Martinez!

ART CENTER MIAMI'S ARTIST PARTICIPATING IN ART SHOPPING AT CARROUSEL DU LOUVRE With a selected collection of abstract paintings, Art Center Miami will present a group of contemporary artists from Latin America, North America, Asia and Europe. Their display will showcase small format artworks that fulfill the taste of the contemporary European life and its space limitations. Art Center Miami exhibit is named “Variétés et Contrastes du Petit Format” that means Variety and Contrasts in Small Forma... Read More »

Deadline Approaching- Arisu Creative Arts NATURE ART Exhibition  Prize 2014 now open for entries. Thumbnail

Deadline Approaching- Arisu Creative Arts NATURE ART Exhibition Prize 2014 now open for entries.
Sep 22, 2014 Blog by Ali Gracie Follow Ali Gracie!

Internet Gallery Arisu Creative Arts NATURE ART Exhibition Prize 2014 now open for entries.   Artworks inspired by Nature are eligible for the exhibition . Exhibition fees apply : Enter up to 3 images  Details how to enter at Web address: The Exhibition Deadline is 30th of September 2014.  The exhibition will run until 31 December 2014   The artwork selected for exhibition will be shown at Read More »
gallery, art prize, exhibition, arisu creative arts, nature art, internet,

"Jardins des rêves"   (Gardens of dreams) Thumbnail

"Jardins des rêves" (Gardens of dreams)
Sep 19, 2014 Blog by Ann Dunbar Follow Ann Dunbar!

This summer I visited the famous Monet's garden in Giverny. It is the first time that I saw it in all its glory in the height of summer. The wild mix of colours and textures was mind blowing.What is the magic of a garden which draws thousands of people to visit? Not just the fame of Monet's painting! We want to be part of the piece of paradise  he created, his sanctuary, his place of inspiration, his vision of beauty. At first glance, you see the pink house shrouded in leafy creepers, then looki... Read More »
Monet, Giverny, garden, Embroidery on paper, Ann Dunbar, Summer garden, embroidered garden.

Victoria Deaton Thumbnail

Victoria Deaton
Sep 19, 2014 Blog by Victoria Deaton Follow Victoria Deaton!

I have been painting for about two-three years. My friend's mom gave me, my sister, and my friend art lessons a few times, for drawing, but once when the three of us were hanging out at her house, we got out canvases and started painting. My first oil painting was a scene of a dirt path winding through grass and trees. I have finished the beach scene but it hasn't been posted. Now I am working on a mountain scene. God has given me a talent in art, and may I paint for His glory.  Read More »

"One Year There" a book by Robert Denis Holewinski Thumbnail

"One Year There" a book by Robert Denis Holewinski
Sep 18, 2014 Blog by HOLEWINSKI Follow HOLEWINSKI!

My recently published book, 'One Year There' is a free verse story poem of the year 1968 in South Korea.  They are memories of the soldiers assigned to my unit, located in a small outpost, hidden in the mountains of that country.  These poems are snapshots of life on that nuclear missile base which was high on the North Korean list of targets.  Indeed, we were always on the alert for possible infiltrators who had come into South Korea and who were expected to be heading toward our camp.   Alth... Read More »
book, Korea, 1968, army, missile, poems

A show in NYC Thumbnail

A show in NYC
Sep 17, 2014 Blog by Anthony Dunphy Follow Anthony Dunphy!

I have just received some very exciting news. Two of my paintings will be featured in the Amazon Art show in Grand Central Terminal in New York City from 29 September until 03 October of this year. This is a curated show from a panel of judges whom are museum curators, Gallery owners, bloggers and Interior decorators. I wish that I could attend in person but Japan is a bit too far.    The items which they chose are both automotive pieces. One is called Hot Rod which features the grill and engin... Read More »
Amazon Art, NYC, New York, paintings,show,

Two Successful outdoor shows! Thumbnail

Two Successful outdoor shows!
Sep 16, 2014 Blog by Linda Boisvert DeStefanis Follow Linda Boisvert DeStefanis!

Hello fellow art lovers!    The Glastonbury Art Show On-the-Green was a successful weekend for me. I sold my 'Reflections on Vineyard Pond' to a wonderful couple who added it to their budding collection! Aida is a friend of mine from the Glastonbury Art League who 'was' a wonderful landscape painter herself for a few years. Her husband saw my painting and spoke to Ken first about it and it's size. I found out that they had placed it over their lovely fireplace and mantel. How wonderful!  I also... Read More »
Bayville Waterside Festival, Bayville, New York, beach, bridge, waterscape

Alexander 300 / the outburst of a metropolis Thumbnail

Alexander 300 / the outburst of a metropolis
Sep 15, 2014 Blog by Alexander Sutulov Follow Alexander Sutulov!

Alexander 300 / the outburst of a metropolis Trying to figure out why certain things work and others become part of a compendium which amounts to the potentiality of becoming that which was apparently left behind… and yet engenders a series of possibilities where time can only determine substantiality. A swirling pool of ideas taking into account, it’s the mere action as a form of abstraction, particularly from time. The origin of language can be comparable in how the building blocks of noun... Read More »
Sutulov, landscape, mural art, printmaking, interiorism, design, art installation, art projects, urbanscape, art commissions, graphic design, corporate art, public art, interior design

Be available for buyers Thumbnail

Be available for buyers
Sep 15, 2014 Blog by Artmajeur Follow Artmajeur!

Hello, almost every day, potential customers contact us at support. They are interested to buy a particular work, but despite their efforts to contact the artist and get information about the prices they receive no response! This requires us to contact the artist to respond to the client. This is a major problem because the response time is a key to a successful sale. The higher the response time is long, the more likely sales decline. To avoid this problem, make sure you regularly log into yo... Read More »

Hello everyone! Thumbnail

Hello everyone!
Sep 12, 2014 Blog by Hana Szarowski Follow Hana Szarowski!

I just added some of my paintings, which belong to new series 'Back to Earth' and are mostly inspired by the themes of Time and Night and Day, but also by freedom, beauty, being, life and reality, what is possible and what is expected not to be. Most of these paintings are currently exhibited in Ostrava, Czech republic. For more information about paintings or exhibition please visit my website: Soon I'll add some more.  Best wishes to you all. Hana Szarowski Read More »
paintings, time, day, night, freedom, beauty, being, life, exhibition,

Mihaela Ivanova took part in Biennal For Contemporary Bulgarian Fine Arts "Friends Of The Sea" - Burgas 2014 Thumbnail

Mihaela Ivanova took part in Biennal For Contemporary Bulgarian Fine Arts "Friends Of The Sea" - Burgas 2014
Sep 11, 2014 Blog by Mihaela Ivanova Follow Mihaela Ivanova!

250 произведения от 204 български автори участват в Национална изложба - Биенале за съвременно българско изобразително изкуство "Приятели на морето" 2014. Тя беше открите на 15 август 2014 и посреща своята публика в БХГ "Петко Задгорски" и в залата на Дружеството на бургаските художници. За изминалите 46 години, от както съществува националната изложба „Приятели на морето” тя напълно оправда реномето си на една от най-значимите и престижни извънстолични изяви на съвременното българско изобрази... Read More »
Mihaela Ivanova, art

September to December 2014 Thumbnail

September to December 2014
Sep 10, 2014 Blog by Barbara Craig Follow Barbara Craig!

I am currently framing work for another mini show at the Old Post Office, Lisbane, again it will follow my popular themes of cottages and chickens - and a few sheep and the odd dog thrown in for good measure. I have just delivered work to Gallery 1608 in Bushmills and I'm getting myself organised with work for my other galleries - but you will always find a painting or 2 with Danny at the Gracehill Gallery in Ballymena and he also keeps a selection of pieces unframed which if you ask him nicely... Read More »

3 Tips to Prosper in Real-estate Market Thumbnail

3 Tips to Prosper in Real-estate Market
Sep 10, 2014 Article by Pro Image Experts Follow Pro Image Experts!

Making the simplistic features of any property represent distinctively to achieve potential gains can be accomplished with Real estate image editing. Some common features include HDR Add On, Panoramic Stitch Add on, 360 Virtual Tour Add on and custom enhancements. Giving the property a facelift becomes convenient with such service. Today world is an open forum and investors across the globe are keen on investing in any property. Property dealers and individuals willing to sell the property can... Read More »
Real estate image editing, HDR Photo Editing Services, Real Estate Interior Photography Services, Real Estate Image Correction, Real Estate Image Correction services,

Working and enjoying it! Thumbnail

Working and enjoying it!
Sep 5, 2014 Blog by Mary Lynn Heth Follow Mary Lynn Heth!

The two new galleries are added to the site.  I also have been putting in alot of hours in the studio.  I finished the homage to van Gogh,  which was a great deal of fun and I have cut several more denim bags.  I have been designing and cutting denim so I have some stockpiled hand work to do.  I'm off to the north (Minneapolis) for two weeks.  My son and his finance are getting married in late September and I will extend my time with my sister before and after the wedding.  It is lovely to sit o... Read More »

Expo personnelle Solo exhibition MAriska MA -  B.58 Bar festif et culturel Paris 2/9/ - 16/9/2014 Thumbnail

Expo personnelle Solo exhibition MAriska MA - B.58 Bar festif et culturel Paris 2/9/ - 16/9/2014
Sep 5, 2014 Blog by Mariska Ondrich Follow Mariska Ondrich!

Texte pour l'expo: L’inspiration de MAriska MA  qui vit depuis 2003 en Inde dans le Sud de Tamoul Nadu  est la Terre-Mère et la Mère Nature, surtout les Mères des arbres Neem. C’est en suivant leur inspiration qu’elle a découverte en elle-même la source de son expression artistique. Les deux premières lettres de son nom, MA, renvoient aux déesses-Mères – la Terre-Mère, la Mère Nature et les Mères des arbres Neem. C’est sous ce nom qu’elle signe ses toiles. Ses peintures invitent les visiteur... Read More »
MAriska MA, l’art éco-spirituel de la déesse Terre et Nature, Eco-spiritual Earth-Nature Goddess Art, exposition personnelle, art exhibition, Bar festif et culturel, Bar Paris, Bar B.58, septembre 2014, Septembre 2014