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2014 My art year in review Thumbnail

2014 My art year in review
Dec 19, 2014 Blog by Blaine Clayton Follow Blaine Clayton!

It has been a fun productive year for me. I have leared some things and had some successes. I traveld to four plein-air paint out competitions sold paintings in all but the last one. Enterd a plethera of art shows, presented my art in a co-op gallery. Sponcerd the first anual Sugarhouse plein air paint out, and completed a lot of new paintings. I leard to make certain that hotel webb sight report acuratly the distence they are from the desired location. The first paintout I was in was in Torry U... Read More »

I can't believe it's nearly Christmas. Where did the time go to? Thumbnail

I can't believe it's nearly Christmas. Where did the time go to?
Dec 16, 2014 Blog by Zizi Lagadec Follow Zizi Lagadec!

What an amazing year 2014 has been! I've met some wonderful artists through Artmajeur and feel so lucky to be part of such a talented and supportive network of established and emerging artists. Thank you all. I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Creative New Year. I wonder what 2015 will bring? It's already brimming with work for me: I have recently started a series of ink drawings of women, focussing on 'hair' and will continue this series in 2015. I am working to anim... Read More »

Be social! Thumbnail

Be social!
Dec 15, 2014 Blog by Artmajeur Follow Artmajeur!

Hello, now you can easily link all your social profiles on your Artmajeur account so your public can follow your work on every other active social platform like youtube or pinterest! Simply indicate your profile URLs on section "My account > Settings". All links will appear on your Artmajeur profile. The end of the year is coming fast, its time to order your greeting cards ! We are also offering a massive discount on our "PLATINUM" service. Order before December 24th and enjoy a 30% discount ! Read More »

Los extremos se tocan (The extremes meet) Thumbnail

Los extremos se tocan (The extremes meet)
Dec 15, 2014 Blog by Cristina Del Rosso Follow Cristina Del Rosso!

Red and blue meet and fight each other in violet! It's an ambiguous color...  Read the whole post in my blog: (english) You can receive the weekly newsletters. It appears thursdays. (Link in blog page) ¡Rojo y azul se unen y pelean en el violeta! Es un color muy ambiguo... Lee el artículo entero en mi blog: (español) Puedes recibir las novedades semanales de mi blog, aparece los jueves (el link lo encontrarás en la pág. del... Read More »
violeta, violet, red anb blue, rojo y azul, Kandinsky, Klimt

Reform the elements of an image with Photo Retouching Services Thumbnail

Reform the elements of an image with Photo Retouching Services
Dec 12, 2014 Article by Pro Image Experts Follow Pro Image Experts!

With digital convergence of technology, clicking images and making some money from it is matter of few clicks today. All iPhones and other smartphones come with great megapixels of camera which allows the hidden fantasy of being the photographer come alive. This ability allows you to relive some great memories many years down the line. Photos are the snaps in time which record places, people and surrounding we live in. It captures important events in lives of people to upkeep the memories for... Read More »
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Creating Art: The Importance of Symmetry and Sense Thumbnail

Creating Art: The Importance of Symmetry and Sense
Dec 5, 2014 Article by Hana Szarowski Follow Hana Szarowski!

Friend of mine asked me, what I consider important when working on my artworks, talking about technique. I prefer don't limit one's self by school learned techniques, use sences and intuition and technique comes out itself. I find out that knowledge comes with creativity, but also experience, sometimes such a kind of experience one wouldn't expect, which brings me to, what I've learned from the ballet and music. Ballet is one of the most remarkable ways of expressing emotions and feelings. I al... Read More »
drawing, art, sence, technique, painting, creating art, ballet, music, symmetry

Vincent Price Art Museum, at East Los Angeles College. Thumbnail

Vincent Price Art Museum, at East Los Angeles College.
Dec 4, 2014 Blog by David Maggard Follow David Maggard!

I visited the VPAM at East LA College this summer. WOW! It is a gemstone waiting for Los Angeles to really discover it. At the end of Metro's Gold line, it is a short few blocks to walk to this treasure. Yale graduate Vincent Price left some of his art collection to this school, starting with donating about 90 works. When living Vincent Price would visit this college, with a piece or two from his collection. His hopes were to inspire art students. Eventually the Prices donated approx 2000 pieces... Read More »
Vincent Price,

Artibus 001 Thumbnail

Artibus 001
Dec 1, 2014 Blog by Rupert Cefai Follow Rupert Cefai!

Contrary to a generally held view, I think that painting is not in any direct sense a means of communication or a means of self-expression. When you are painting you are trying to discover, to uncover, to reveal. I sometimes think of the activity of painting as a kind of archaeology - an archaeology of the spirit. - Louis le Brocquy   Painting - Human Image, 1996 - Louis le Brocquy Read More »
art, artist, painting

Laocoön and his sons (Laoconte y sus hijos) El Greco Thumbnail

Laocoön and his sons (Laoconte y sus hijos) El Greco
Nov 30, 2014 Blog by Cristina Del Rosso Follow Cristina Del Rosso!

  This soon ending year was chosen to be Domenikos Theotocopoulos' year, more known as El Greco, due to his 400th death anniversary. This is one of his last artworks and it's the only mythological one. In it, he summarizes his essential artistic work: Grecia, Venecia and Toledo. You can read more about this painting on my blog: If you want to receive the weekly newsletter, click here. Este año que se está yendo fue dedicado a conmemorar el IV centenario d... Read More »
Laocoön. Laocoonte, El Greco, Doménikos Theotocópulos, Doménico Theotocópulos, Toledo, Grecia, Bizancio, Venecia.

The kindness of Strangers Holiday Show at Spectrum Gallery and Artisan Store Thumbnail

The kindness of Strangers Holiday Show at Spectrum Gallery and Artisan Store
Nov 28, 2014 Blog by Gloria Nilsson Follow Gloria Nilsson!

The theme of giving and service to others is beautifully expressed in the many moving fine art works in the gallery which include Gloria Nilsson's original paintings on silk; Guardian and Serve......and it doesn't stop there, the magic of giving bubbles over into the store, where you will find beautiful, festive hand crafted works by local and regional artists including Gloria's hand painted cut velvet scarves, sterling silver mother of pearl necklaces with Swarovski Crystal and Faceted glass an... Read More »
silk painting, fine art, Gloria Nilsson, Mother Theresa, Calcutta, angels, sculpture, guardian, serve

Curves of Clinton Exhibit Thumbnail

Curves of Clinton Exhibit
Nov 28, 2014 Blog by Gloria Nilsson Follow Gloria Nilsson!

Breeze in and take the opportunity to discover all that the Curves Smart and Curves Complete Programs have to offer while enjoying the artisan crafted display of original Fine Art, Hand Painted Scarves and Jewelry Designs by award winning artist Gloria Nilsson. This artisan show will be exhibit throughout the month of December at Curves of Clinton. Hours of Operation Mon: 8am  -  7pm, Tues: 6am  -  7pm, Wed: 6am  -  7pm, Thu: 8am  -  7pm, Fri: 8am  -  6pm, Sat: 8:30am  -  10:30am, Sun:Closed C... Read More »
original paintings, jewelry, hand painted silk scarves, gloria nilsson

The Connecticut Artisans Holiday Fair Thumbnail

The Connecticut Artisans Holiday Fair
Nov 28, 2014 Blog by Gloria Nilsson Follow Gloria Nilsson!

I have been invited by a very talented group of artists to join in the fun at the Connecticut Artisan's Holiday Fair on Sunday, November 30th 10:30-5:00 CARRIAGE HOUSE, 245 Main Street, Deep River, CT. I will have fine art paintings, giclee prints, note cards, artisan crafted jewlery designs,, treasure boxes, silks scarves and more....To find out more about the fair, please go to the link below. Read More »
fine art, jewelry, crafts, photography, treasure boxes, silk scarves, original fine art paintings, Gloria Nilsson, Connecticut artisans holiday fair, deep river

Mirror Art; Personalized Stockings Thumbnail

Mirror Art; Personalized Stockings
Nov 28, 2014 Blog by Tonjua Lyles Follow Tonjua Lyles!

First, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and didn't eat too much turkey! Now that its over, we are heading rapidly to Christmas. I didn't know the color that I added to the stocking would go over as well as it has. Mirror Art Stocking have been requested a great deal for the last couple of months. I created the Stocking two years ago, and it didn't get much notice. Since the Stocking has become so requested, I thought it would be nice to offer it on Back Friday at $50.00 instead of th... Read More »

Artmajeur Award Thumbnail

Artmajeur Award
Nov 27, 2014 Blog by Emmanuele Cammarano Follow Emmanuele Cammarano!

Salve, questo è il sito in cui posto le mie opere, dipinti e disegni. Spero che vi piacciano, se è così sarei felicissimo di ricevere un voto positivo per questa selezione che scade tra 16 giorni, oltre che aspettare periodicamente una vostra visita e in vostri nuovi commenti. Grazie. Hi there, here below follows a link to my personal page. In Artmajeur Online Art Galleries I use to upload my works, watercolors and drawings. I hope you like my art. In case so, It'd be great to receiving a vote... Read More »

The very last week of the exhibition 'Back to Earth' in Ostrava! Thumbnail

The very last week of the exhibition 'Back to Earth' in Ostrava!
Nov 26, 2014 Article by Hana Szarowski Follow Hana Szarowski!

  This week is the last week of the exhibition 'Back to Earth', which takes place in Ostrava, Czech Republic. The exposition lasts until the end of November, so to the next sunday. I would like to thank to the Antakarana centre for this great opportunity and provision of these very pleasant premises.   For photos of the exhibition, please visit my fb page.   On the exposition is to be seen whole series of acrylic paintings called 'Back to Earth', but also series of drawings - Puppets: Lad... Read More »
exhibition, artwork, painting, drawing, Ostrava, Czech Republic

October 2014 Art Competition Winners CAGO Thumbnail

October 2014 Art Competition Winners CAGO
Nov 25, 2014 Blog by Gaya Follow Gaya!

Great news for my art lovers – my work Blue Morpho Dream is announced the Third Place Winner of the Color Theme Competition by Contemporary Art Gallery Online (CAGO) – October 2014 Exhibition. Read More »

The Seventh Sound Thumbnail

The Seventh Sound
Nov 18, 2014 Blog by Lorraine COFFEY Follow Lorraine COFFEY!

Today I have added the Seventh Sound - a work in clay as part of a body of work of Seven to the web site. I have been really touched by the great support I am getting from my fellow artists. We all know the challenges of remaining true to our work. I hope that you again are moved by this piece. I am working on a piece which will become the guardian to this body of work and will keep you updated as to the progress. I commenced work on the VII Sound after returning from the exhibition in New York... Read More »
The Seventh Sound, The VII Sound, Lorraine Coffey's completes the Seventh Sound in this latest body of work,

About time, night and series 'On the Ground' Thumbnail

About time, night and series 'On the Ground'
Nov 17, 2014 Article by Hana Szarowski Follow Hana Szarowski!

Time is a curious thing, isn't it? Some dream about past, their own or times, what they think were better. Some struggle for future, imagining what should happen, dreaming about how it should be. And than there is the mysterious now. The moment some love and some hate, maybe because they lost in past, what they loved, or they are angry at them selves, that the so expectet and wanted future didn't happen by itself.  But what with the now. The time when your mind is free from all of those th... Read More »
time, night, surrealism, art, painting, exhibition

Prisoner of the Mind Graphic Novel published Thumbnail

Prisoner of the Mind Graphic Novel published
Nov 17, 2014 Blog by Allan Linder Follow Allan Linder!

Visit my drawing blog to see some of my latest work and catch up with my list of projects and how to's. Support your local artist by reading a copy of my graphic novel Prisoner of the Mind sixteen years in the making. The story is a neo-noir thriller set in the near future. A government agent discovers a seventy year old secret, revealing a past that the agency will kill for. Read More »
Prisoner of the Mind, Graphic Novel, Allan Linder, Linder Art, Linder comic books, Allen Linder, NYC art, New York Artist, Prisoner of the mind comic books,

Coupons & Facebook Art Shop Thumbnail

Coupons & Facebook Art Shop
Nov 17, 2014 Blog by Artmajeur Follow Artmajeur!

Hello, you can now take advantage of a huge market opportunity with Facebook : just install the Artmajeur Art Shop application on your facebook page, and all your artworks for sale will be directly available to your from your Facebook page! We have also installed a new feature to create coupons. Now, you can create coupons and send a mailing to all your contacts and prospects. Typically, it is good to create a coupon 1 month prior to special occasions like Valentine's day or Chrismas. Try it t... Read More »