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About night and day, series 'Amongst Stars' and... Mozart's waking hours Thumbnail

About night and day, series 'Amongst Stars' and... Mozart's waking hours
Oct 29, 2014 Blog by Hana Szarowski Follow Hana Szarowski!

Just for a start, these paintings around belonging to the 'Amongst Stars' series, a part of gallery 'Back to Earth'. But about it later.  Night, day and Mozart I would say this is my favourite series of paintings and, although all are specific and somehow different, it would be true. I am very keen to the theme of night and day and I love to watch sky.  Just take a look up to the day sky - with its so many shades of blue, white, but also pink or even golden. And clouds expending and th... Read More »
night, day, mozart, sky, life, paintings, surrealism, dreamland, dreamscape

Félicitations! Congratulations! Thumbnail

Félicitations! Congratulations!
Oct 26, 2014 Blog by Mariska Ondrich Follow Mariska Ondrich!

Félicitations aux 5 gagnants de la tombola pour la célébration de Divali! Le tirage a eu lieu le 22 octobre, une amie a choisi les 5 tombola tickets. J’ai déjà écrit aux gagnants de la Tombola (vivantes en France et en Inde) qui vont recevoir leurs toiles bientôt. Congratulations to the 5 winners of the Divali lucky draw!  The lucky draw took place on the 22nd of October and a friend chose the 5 winning tickets. I have already sent a message to the winners (living in France and in India) who wi... Read More »
Tombola, lucky draw, toiles, paintings, MAriska MA - l'art éco-spirituel de la déesse Terre et Nature, MAriska MA-Eco-spiritual Earth-Nature Goddess Art, Mariska Ondrich

Thanks for Reading Thumbnail

Thanks for Reading
Oct 25, 2014 Blog by Patrick McGovern Follow Patrick McGovern!

So far I have tried two of everything from landscapes to life drawings, using both Acrylic and Watercolour as mediums, if you read this and have any advice or comments please do send them to me. I am perticually interested in books or painters to help me learn.... So far, my findings about myself over the last three months are that I perfer using watercolour as a medium and protraits, monochrome especially. Have yet to try oils and the subject of animals but while I practice over the next commin... Read More »

Yellow's Contradictions (Las contradicciones del amarillo) Thumbnail

Yellow's Contradictions (Las contradicciones del amarillo)
Oct 25, 2014 Blog by Cristina Del Rosso Follow Cristina Del Rosso!

It's the color of light, of the sun, but also of envy, of shame, of sin... Why so? It's weird, right? This week, as another chapter of our 'Colors' section, we'll deeply analyze everything about yellow. Read it here: Next week: I'll tell you about a great painter that was also a spy and diplomat. Es el color de la luz, del sol, pero también de la envidia, de la vergüenza, de la traición. ¿Por qué? Es raro, no? Esta semana, como otro capítulo de nuestra sec... Read More »
Yellow, amarillo, Giotto, Toulouse-Lautrec, Van Gogh, Ata una cinta amarilla al viejo roble. Tie a yellow ribbon at the old oak tree, Yellow submarine, Submarino amarillo, Tony Orlando, The Beatles

Blog Thumbnail

Oct 25, 2014 Blog by Hana Szarowski Follow Hana Szarowski!

Hello to you all! Even though I realy appreciate and intent to use this blog on I've also established my own, you may take a look, if you like, here: This blog gonna be mainly about my art, new artworks, events and projects. But also about works in progress and my atelier and places. And it wouldn't be me without articles about particular paintings, its stories and maybe a little poetry. As after all every painting has a soul and every soul has a... Read More »
blog, art, artworks, events, paintings, storry, soul,

Artisans Harbor Autumn Open House Thumbnail

Artisans Harbor Autumn Open House
Oct 24, 2014 Blog by Gloria Nilsson Follow Gloria Nilsson!

This Friday October 24th, don’t miss Artisans Harbor’s Autumn Open House from 5:30-7:30pm where you can enjoy artist demonstrations along with beautiful fine art, Jewelry, Stained glass, Photography, Pottery, Furniture, Scarves, Handbags, Wood burning scrimshaw,  Home/ Office décor & more ! I have just updated my display and am offering special prices on select items. Brand new paintings on silk “On the Corner, Brooklyn, NY” and “Tulip Smiles” along with original ATC’s “I’m Blue without You”... Read More »
Artisans Harbor, Autumn Open House, Old Saybrook, Connecticut, Gloria Nilsson artist, Silk Scarves, scarf necklace, silk paintings, Gloria Nilsson jeweler, On the Corner, Brooklyn, NY, Tulip Smiles, My Angel, I'm Blue without You

Killingworth Library "To Bee, or not to Bee" Exhibit Extended Through November! Thumbnail

Killingworth Library "To Bee, or not to Bee" Exhibit Extended Through November!
Oct 24, 2014 Blog by Gloria Nilsson Follow Gloria Nilsson!

Artist and jeweler Gloria Nilsson brings awareness to the plight of the honeybee in her brand new jewelry collection titled "to Bee, Or Not To Bee". The Honey Bee, the great pollinator we cannot live without, becomes her muse for creating unique, sculptural jewelry pieces in this season’s display during the months of October-November at the Killingworth Library. Nilsson's original interpretations blend whimsical honeybees in a variety of colorful floral motifs. Her one-of-a-kind, handcrafted des... Read More »
honey bee, bee die-off, colony collapse, sunspots, one-of-a-kind jewelry, hand painted silk scarves, poppies, zinnias, floral motif, leather, Swarovski crystal, handcrafted wirework, original clasps and findings, Gloria Nilsson artist, Gloria Nilsson Connecticut artist, Gloria Nilsson, jeweler, Killingworth library, Killingworth library display cabinet

Mihaela Ivanova - Painting Exhibition in Art Gallery Aspect, Plovdiv, Bulgaria Thumbnail

Mihaela Ivanova - Painting Exhibition in Art Gallery Aspect, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Oct 21, 2014 Blog by Mihaela Ivanova Follow Mihaela Ivanova!

В разгара на есенния сезон в галерия Аспект за пръв път със самостоятелна изложба гостува Михаела Иванова.В настоящата изложба художничката показва последните си картинни цикли, по–голямата част от които, са рисувани през 2013 – 2014 г. Вярна на своя интерес към пейзажа и фантастичната природа на българските планини, Михаела Иванова представя различни гледни точки, природни състояния и сезони. Колоритът е доведен до условност, но особено характерно е опиянението от синия и зеления цвят – цветове... Read More »
Mihaela Ivanova, artist, art, painting

my art Thumbnail

my art
Oct 17, 2014 Blog by Ertan Yilmaz Follow Ertan Yilmaz! Welcome please click. Hall1:…/101593…/albums/6070850065238499537 Hall2:…/101593…/albums/5871797632178282401 Read More »

New process for selling original artworks with ZERO% commission Thumbnail

New process for selling original artworks with ZERO% commission
Oct 16, 2014 Blog by Artmajeur Follow Artmajeur!

Hello, a new process is being tested for selling original artworks. Customers may now contact you, inquire about an artwork, and they can buy directly from you. You will get paid directly on your Paypal account, or any other payment methods you have selected. Please check your payment methods on your account to make sure that customers can acquire your artworks directly. Free accounts will have a very low commission of just 5%. All other accounts will enjoy a ZERO% commission! Read More »

Un lapin rose à Singapour Thumbnail

Un lapin rose à Singapour
Oct 15, 2014 Blog by Wabyanko Follow Wabyanko!

Ma dernière création "Pink rabbit at Gardens by the bay" visible dans la gallerie est une peinture représentatn un lapin rose en plein rêve dans sa réalité à Marina Bay Sands où le jardin "Garden by the Bay" se transforme en un jardin potager rempli de carottes géantes ...!!! Imaginons que les jardins publics habituellement réservés au monde floral et décoratif deviennent aussi des jardins potagers où chacun pourra y trouver un élément nutritif à titre gratuit ! Certains mouvements tel les jardi... Read More »
lapin rose, singapour, marina bay sands, jardin partagé, jardin collectif, gardens by the bay, rêve

First Post [Premier Poste] Thumbnail

First Post [Premier Poste]
Oct 11, 2014 Blog by Malcolm Tait Follow Malcolm Tait!

Bonjour le monde de artmajeur, c'est mon premier poste, a l'heure actuelle mon travail explore la couleur et la form. J'évite couleur à plat et de travailler avec l'un de couleur graduée obtenir des rayons du soleil. L'image ci-dessous est le premier d'une série de travaux. abientot Malcolm Tait Hello Artmajeur world this is my first post, at preseent my work explores colour and shape.  avoid flat colour and try to get the graduated colour you get when something is viewed under sunlight. The... Read More »

When did i realise I was an Artist? Thumbnail

When did i realise I was an Artist?
Oct 10, 2014 Blog by Gerry Miller Follow Gerry Miller!

    People sometimes ask me this so I'll tell you. At primary school we were told to paint the house where we lived. I must have been 5 years old. Well, the painting was on an easel of some kind and the paint was running like mad. I got very upset about this. I just knew it was supposed to come out good. Another time was at secondary school in Africa. I had won the school art prize and we were doing a rehearsal for the prizegiving later that evening. The headmaster was up front and he told... Read More »

Enjoy My Work on Google Chromecast Thumbnail

Enjoy My Work on Google Chromecast
Oct 10, 2014 Blog by Gaya Follow Gaya!

Great news for my art lovers! Now you can have more artworks in your own living room, thanks to Google who just announced the launch of a new Chromecast feature that lets you customize your TV screen with some of my artworks, alongside works from other artists, museums and galleries worldwide! Find out more at: Read More »


Oct 9, 2014 Blog by Gloria Nilsson Follow Gloria Nilsson!

CONNECTICUT CREATIVE GROUP A group of artists with a common passion for creativity, each in their own artistic discipline, bring their high quality work to share with Connecticut's demanding audience, just in time for the holiday season. • Paintings • Sculpture • Pottery • Jewelry • Scarves • Stationary • Photographs • Henna Tattoos, and more! Saturday, November 1st, 12 to 5 PM Sunday, November 2nd, 12 to PM   Aux 3 Pommes 35 Boston Street Guilford CT (Parking on the Guilford Green or b... Read More »
Connecticut Creative Group, aux 3 Pommes, exhibition, art festival, holiday festival, paintings, jewelry, scarves, silk painting, polymer clay, Swarovski crystal, wire wrapping, semi precious stones, oil painting, stationary, photographs, pottery, sculpture, tattoos

10th Annual Arts Center Killingworth Autumn Arts Festival Thumbnail

10th Annual Arts Center Killingworth Autumn Arts Festival
Oct 9, 2014 Blog by Gloria Nilsson Follow Gloria Nilsson!

Experience a world of art at the FREE Madison Town Green Autumn Arts Festival, Saturday October 11 (9:30-5:30pm) and Sunday, October 11 (12-5pm) at Boston Post and Copse Roads in Madison, Connecticut. This annual Columbus Day Weekend art event features a wide range of local and regional artists including representational and abstract painters, photographers, sculptors, potters, ceramicists, jewelry designers, and fine artisans working with glass, fabric, wood and more.  Enjoy live music and gour... Read More »
free, autumn arts festival, Madison town green, local & regional fine artist, artisans, live music, gourmet food

Spectrum Gallery’s Juried Festival Group Show Thumbnail

Spectrum Gallery’s Juried Festival Group Show
Oct 9, 2014 Blog by Gloria Nilsson Follow Gloria Nilsson!

Spectrum Gallery and Store presents the Autumn Arts Festival Group Show with a free reception, Friday, October 10 (6:30-9:00pm) for the Gallery Show and the Arts Festival at 61 Main Street, Centerbrook, Connecticut.  The Show, which runs through November 9, showcases select works of the fine artists and artisans participating in the Art Center Killingworth’s Madison Town Green Arts Festival (October 11-12). Spectrum Gallery and Store is open Wednesday-Saturday (11am-6pm) and Sunday (11:00am-5:0... Read More »
autumn art festival group show, arts center killingworth, spectrum gallery, centerbrook, ct,

'Rupert Cefai - A contemporary regionalist...and more' by Karl Micallef Thumbnail

'Rupert Cefai - A contemporary regionalist...and more' by Karl Micallef
Oct 7, 2014 Article by Rupert Cefai Follow Rupert Cefai!

Despite my dislike of categorisation of art, broadly speaking, Rupert Cefai’s art can be grouped into landscape paintings and figurative works.   Cefai’s landscape art is quintessentially a celebration of the Mediterranean and, in particular, the Maltese lifestyle.  His palette, albeit rich in tones, is often limited to the warm spectrum, echoing sunshine and hues which evoke the timbre of a well-developed Maltese stone patina.  Cefai does not opt for realism, probably deliberately: the urban... Read More »
art, article

Listing in Environmental Art and Thumbnail

Listing in Environmental Art and
Oct 7, 2014 Blog by Mariska Ondrich Follow Mariska Ondrich!

It is a great pleasure for me to have been listing in the Environmental Art Directory of and the Artist Directory of C’est un grand plaisir pour moi d’être mentionnée dans l’annuaire Art environnementale d’ et dans l'annuaire de Read More »
MAriska MA, l’art éco-spirituel de la déesse Terre et Nature, Eco-spiritual Earth-Nature Goddess Art, Environmental Art Directory,

The Self Thumbnail

The Self
Oct 6, 2014 Blog by Rupert Cefai Follow Rupert Cefai!

Over the years, I have become a good friend of the camera. To the contemporary artist, digital photography provides a number of tools that until recently did not exist or rather, did not exist so cheaply and never so easily accessible. Keeping record of things, from snap shots of places, things and people; capturing moments that you wish to never forget; to archiving in the most professional way has never been easier. The digital camera has a capacity of capturing a moment in time and transfer i... Read More »
painting, self-portrait