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The Oksana Veber story. Thumbnail

The Oksana Veber story.
Jan 23, 2015 Blog by Oksana Veber Follow Oksana Veber!

Oksana Veber is an artist of international reputation and rare distinction. Originally from Barnaul, in the Altaj, above the snow line on the Russian border with Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan, she hails from one of the most politically and geographically isolated corners of the modern world.   Of her childhood she remembers the intense cold, which lasted most of the year. Her grandfather would tunnel through the Siberian snow from the house to reach the street, the stables or the sauna, and s... Read More »
Oksana Veber, art, life, story, female, modern ,

Cheryl Tall's Art Events - 2015 Thumbnail

Cheryl Tall's Art Events - 2015
Jan 22, 2015 Blog by Cheryl Tall Follow Cheryl Tall!

Looking ahead to next year, I will be showing work at the 2016 Strictly Figurative Exhibition, Carter Art Center, Kansas City, MO, in conjunction with the National Conference for the Education of Ceramic Arts.  Also in conjunction with NCECA in Kansas City, I will be showing at InCiteful Clay, The Culture Lab at Mid-America Arts Alliance, Kansas City, MO. And 2015 is shaping up to be a promising year of interesting exhibitions. Jan. 24-March 6, I will be showing 6 large sculptures at the 2015... Read More »
sculpture ceramic, sculpture, 2015, Cheryl Tall

Support for professional artists Thumbnail

Support for professional artists
Jan 19, 2015 Blog by Richard Dubieniec Follow Richard Dubieniec!

I'm a relative newcomer to Artmajeur, and while I'm delighted to share my art with you, you may be even more inspired by my home and gallery. With my partner Isabelle, I run an arts centre project - the arthouse chantelle - through which we offer residencies to support professional artists whose work we admire. Space to stay - a comfortable appartment - and work - studios, wood and metal workshops - with space to exhibit, is available without charge. Set in a complete of 15th century buildinge,... Read More »
Residency, France, Gallery, Workshops, Studio, Exhibit, arthouse, project

Exceptional artistic year! Thumbnail

Exceptional artistic year!
Jan 19, 2015 Blog by Artmajeur Follow Artmajeur!

Hello, All the Artmajeur team is pleased to wish you an Happy New Year 2015. In 2014, the new features offered by Artmajeur were widely acclaimed by artists and collectors. Great improvements will be released in 2015, starting in the upcoming months! Read More »

Promise fulfilled (Promesa cumplida) Thumbnail

Promise fulfilled (Promesa cumplida)
Jan 17, 2015 Blog by Cristina Del Rosso Follow Cristina Del Rosso!

I had some free time to visit the exhibition 'Sorolla and the United States' in the Fundación Mapfre. I had promised my friend Angélica I would go and I fulfilled my promise. If you want to know more about it, read on my blog (english version) To receive the weekly newsletters, click on the link on the top of the blog page. Me quedó un rato para visitar la muestra "Sorolla y los Estados Unidos" en la Fundación Mapfre. Le había prometido a mi amiga Angélic... Read More »
Sorolla y los Estados Unidos, Sorolla and the United States, Fundación Mapfre, Sorolla

Gaya Featured in Manhattan Art International Thumbnail

Gaya Featured in Manhattan Art International
Jan 17, 2015 Blog by Gaya Follow Gaya!

Great news for my art lovers!  I am delighted to become a Featured Artist with Manhattan Arts International, a creative community of art professionals dedicated to promoting and rewarding artistic excellence through juried and curated art programs.  Manhattan Arts International is founded by Renée Phillips, a world recognized art advisor, advocate, and the author of several books who curated and juried more than 60 exhibitions.  You can enjoy Renée’s article about my work at: http://www.manha... Read More »

contexte-deux Thumbnail

Jan 10, 2015 Blog by Choko Nakazono Follow Choko Nakazono!

 Je m’inspire de l’expression originale appelée “Eurasien Art Craft”.  Je teins un papier de soie japonais, je le découpe et produis une image abstraite.  La fibre du papier japonais est plus longue que celle des papiers de l’Ouest et par conséquent le découpage est complexe.  Alors, pourquoi est-ce que j’utilise le papier japonais? J’explique la raison aujourd’hui.  Mon français est pauvre mais je suis heaureuse de partager ce blog avec les membres artistes français.   contexte-deux   Alors p... Read More »
beauty, paper craft, abstract, fine art, pattern, lovely, delicate, decoupage

Banner Year for Piano CD Thumbnail

Banner Year for Piano CD
Jan 9, 2015 Blog by Glenn Michael Morley Follow Glenn Michael Morley!

... the numbers are in for 2014 and it was an exceptional year for the sales of Piano songs (47) online as well as the number of visitors (85) who visited the CD Baby website to listen to the music samples in 2014 - both were records smashing the old marks - sales in particular - it is great to know that people enjoy listening to the music - when you have new classsical music compositions the market tends to be rather limited - too many people are hooked on Bach - Beethoven and Mozart to go beyo... Read More »

contexte-un Thumbnail

Jan 9, 2015 Blog by Choko Nakazono Follow Choko Nakazono!

 J’ai trouvé une méthode de l’expression originale applée “Eurasian Art Craft”. Parce que j’ai écrit à CONTEXTE, je l’ecris dans mon blog. Je suis pauvre à français, mais je  défie français. Si les memberes avent lu ce blog, je suis heureux. contexte-1   C’est maintenant plein de modèles dans ma tête.   Vein de la feuille. Cortex de l’arbre. Plume de la libellule. Nuage. Minerai. Grain de bois d’une poitrine et la table. La phuie qui coule à travers la fenêtre du verre. Je ressemble à un modèl... Read More »
paper craft, original pattern, beauty, abstract, Japonisme, fine art,

Make the perfect choice of hiring Stock & Microstock Services Thumbnail

Make the perfect choice of hiring Stock & Microstock Services
Jan 9, 2015 Blog by Pro Image Experts Follow Pro Image Experts!

With the passing time, plenty of information is available to human beings. Nowadays, rapid exchange of information is witnessed as production of various types of information is available on immediate basis. Therefore, this age is commonly described as the age of information, despite in reality, many people term it as the overload of information. This overload information phenomenon occurred after the internet came prominently into existence. Internet connects many organizations and people from a... Read More »
Stock photo services,stock photo keywording,photographers clipping path,special photo effects,black and white photo restoration

CONTEXT-third Thumbnail

Jan 7, 2015 Blog by Choko Nakazono Follow Choko Nakazono!

 I had written my CONTEXT. This CONTEXT is my original expression method called "Eurasian Art Craft".   At first, I dye a Japanese paper by myself. Then, I cut my original pattern on the Japanese paper which I dyed.  In the CONTEXT - third, I want to write from a reason to use a Japanese paper. Reason that I'm cutting a Japanese paper is ...  I have worn the coat made of Japanese papers only once. It was the precious coat. Everyone could not readily look at even in Japan. As soon as I wore th... Read More »
beauty, abstract, cutting art, fine art, choko, Japonisme, delicate, mixed media, paper art,

TORSO in London. 2015. First ever exhibition held under the London Bridge! Thumbnail

TORSO in London. 2015. First ever exhibition held under the London Bridge!
Jan 6, 2015 Blog by Zoia Follow Zoia!

  It is a my nice winter tradition to start my art season from exhibiting TORSO in January and getting a bit of scandal. First exhibition was held in Monaco. I got great reviews and few ununderstanding audience. Next January the exhibition had been invited to Council of Europe. There the success and scandal became  European. Lets see what London will brings this year! Looking forward! New pieces in New Year in new Place.  Zoïa Skoropadenko: Torso The Stock Exchange Rifle Club, beneath London... Read More »
#zoiaskoropadenko, #Torso, #stockexchangerifleclub, #Londonbridge, #London, #contemporaryart, #monacoartist, #artistinLondon

Zoia goes on Art Blog Tour in 2015! Join! To all Art bloggers Thumbnail

Zoia goes on Art Blog Tour in 2015! Join! To all Art bloggers
Jan 6, 2015 Blog by Zoia Follow Zoia!

I am organising a blog tour to promote my upcoming series of exhibitions in London, Paris, Tokyo and Monaco.  I am planning to kick off the tour on 12 January 2015 and going for 2 weeks.  I have between 10 and 12 daily spots available and I want to reach out to you to see if you want to be a part of this tour.  I will be promoting it heavily in my online and offline media and I hope to bring you some new exciting traffic to you site. I am going to  available y 3 prints sa give aways to your... Read More »
Art blog tour, zoia skoropadenko, looking for art bloggers, london, paris, tokyo, monaco, #contemporary art

Order for Bronze of The VI Sound by Lorraine Coffey Thumbnail

Order for Bronze of The VI Sound by Lorraine Coffey
Jan 6, 2015 Blog by Lorraine COFFEY Follow Lorraine COFFEY!

Hello Dear friends, I wish you all a very happy New Year and hope that you were able to have a break over the past weeks. It is the first real break that we have taken in a very long time. Our news from just before Christmas was an order we received for The VI Sound in Bronze. Here are some pictures of her journey to the Foundry at Laurgais. /files/lorraine-coffey/blog_post/12124_dsc-0058.jpg  /files/lorraine-coffey/blog_post/12133_dsc-0061.jpg /files/lorraine-coffey/blog_post/12136_dsc-0062.... Read More »
lorraine coffey,lorraine coffey sculpture, lorraine coffey bronze, lorraine coffey spiritual sculpture, lorraine coffey artist, lorraine coffey artist france, sculpture, the VI sound by lorraine coffey, bronze by lorraine coffey, bronze creations, bronze, lorraine ccffey irish spiritual artist,

Fundraising For rising tolerance and acceptance of sexual differencies, please support to share my LGBT Art Thumbnail

Fundraising For rising tolerance and acceptance of sexual differencies, please support to share my LGBT Art
Jan 5, 2015 Blog by Robert Keseru Follow Robert Keseru!

What is Hot Spot On Wire? I am a Homosexual Trangender Artist in a very conservative provincialist circumctances, in the italian part of South Tirol. In my place I put in spotlight the hot theme of that, LGBT people are living here too. I try to open the local sociaty eyes, heart and mind, mainly trough my painting, for accept us like who we are.   I also use other opporunities to do it, like by personal meeting with... Read More »
Gay, LGBT, Art , Tolerance

CONTEXT-2 Thumbnail

Jan 5, 2015 Blog by Choko Nakazono Follow Choko Nakazono!

 I found my original expression method called "Eurasian Art Craft". I write the second of CONTEXT today. I'd appriciate if members could read that. CONTEXT-second  My mind is preoccupied with many patterns now.  The pattern which only I can see..... I prayed that I wanted to extract the pattern which swirled in my head somehow. What is most suitable to catch the pattern? What kind of method should I adopt to catch the pattern?  I tried various things about that. And I took time more than ten... Read More »
beauty, abstract, paper, cutting, pattern, choko, delicate, fine, sensitive

Exhibition of Alexander Votsmush and Dasha Rybina 'Crossroads' (Moscow, 11-15 January 2015) Thumbnail

Exhibition of Alexander Votsmush and Dasha Rybina 'Crossroads' (Moscow, 11-15 January 2015)
Jan 4, 2015 Blog by Bratec Lis Artshop Follow Bratec Lis Artshop!

We invite you to the exhibition "Crossroads" in the Bratec Lis Artshop gallery where you can enjoy the magic of watercolor Alexander Votsmush and impressive graphics in the original technique of Dasha Rybina. Time and place of the exhibition The exhibition will be held from 11 to 15 January 2015 at Moscow, Spartakovskiy per., 2c1 in the classrooms of the school of illustration and painting Bratec Lis School.Schedule of the exhibition schedule: Sunday, January 11, 16-00 - 21-30 Monday, January 1... Read More »
exhibition Votsmush Rybina

Hi! I am Irina Bast! Thumbnail

Hi! I am Irina Bast!
Jan 4, 2015 Blog by Irina Bast Follow Irina Bast!

Hi! I am Irina Bast! I am an artist! A painter of distinctive individuality. Certified psychologist and teacher. Visual & applied arts teacher, illustrator. I have a blog in which I tell you about my work, my paintings and the art exhibitions I visited.   My paintings are in private collections in Russia and in the United States. The main field of my creative work is modern art bordering on installation art, somewhere between painting, applied arts and sculpture. I use waste products and n... Read More »
Irina Bast, art, picture, nice, painting, photo, collage, картина, коллаж, ирина баст, художница ирина баст, ирина баст картины, портрет на заказ, магический портрет, магическая картина, эзотерика, arts teacher, illustrator, необычный коллаж, коллаж знаменитость, портрет, портрет знаменитости, художник, художница, художница Ирина Баст, купить картину, картина на заказ, купить коллаж, портрет на заказ, заказать портрет, красивый портрет

Méditation visuelle Thumbnail

Méditation visuelle
Jan 4, 2015 Blog by Mariska Ondrich Follow Mariska Ondrich!

Méditation visuelle - Mère de l’arbre Neem, Terre-Mère, Mère du vent et Mère de la nuit – Danse avec la Mère de la lune Désormais, je vais vous présenter une sélection de mes toiles comme des méditations visuelles différentes sur youtube. Vous trouvez plusieurs de mes toiles sur et Il y a la possibilité d’acquérir votre toile préférée comme carte postale, poster, canvas print. Aussi, il est possible d’acquérir l’original. Méditation : Choisissez votr... Read More »
méditation; méditation visuelle; guérir; énergies; Terre; Nature; Terre-Mère; Mère Nature; Terre sacrée; Nature sacrée; Mère de l’arbre Neem; arbre Neem; nuit; vent; lune; déesse Terre; déesse Nature; déesse arbre; déesses-Mères; harmonie avec la Terre; MAriska MA- l’art éco-spirituel de la déesse Terre et Nature; toiles; œuvres; couleurs naturelles;

Visual Meditation Thumbnail

Visual Meditation
Jan 4, 2015 Blog by Mariska Ondrich Follow Mariska Ondrich!

Visual Meditation – Neem Tree Mother, Earth Mother, Wind Mother and Night Mother – Dance with the Moon Mother From now onwards I will present you a selection of my paintings as different visual meditations on youtube. You can discover several of my artworks on and You have the possibility to acquire your favourite painting as postcard, poster, canvas print. It is also possible to acquire the original/ Meditation: Choose your favourite painting or pain... Read More »
Meditation; visual meditation; healing energies; Earth; Nature; Mother Earth; Mother Nature; Sacred Earth; Sacred Nature; Neem Tree Mother; Neem Tree; Night; Wind; Moon; Earth-Goddess; Nature-Goddess; Tree-Goddess; Mother-Goddesses; harmony with the Earth; harmony with Nature; MAriska MA - Eco-spiritual Earth-Nature Goddess Art; paintings; artworks; natural colours