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New gallery representation- news! Thumbnail

New gallery representation- news!
Oct 2, 2015 Blog by Kinga Ogiegło Follow

  I am thrilled to be officially represented by Xanadu Gallery which is an art gallery located in Scottsdale, Arizona (USA).   Xanadu Studios is an elite virtual gallery where discerning buyers purchase artwork directly from dozens of artists’ studios — it showcases artworks in a wide variety of media and styles. More about history of this gallery can be found here —         Read More »
abstract art abstracts art gallery

Aesthetica Magazine Thumbnail

Aesthetica Magazine
Oct 2, 2015 Blog by Gaya Follow

I am glad to share that my profile has been published in the October/November 2015 Issue # 67 of the renowned Aesthetica Magazine. Aesthetica is a British art and culture magazine. Founded in 2002, Aesthetica Magazine covers photography, visual art, music, film and theatre. It has a readership of over 180,000 and national and international distribution. The magazine includes features on art, film, music and performance, highlighting notable new exhibitions around the world and showcasing phot... Read More »
art, abstract art, contemporary art, art publication, art magazine

Arts Center Killingworth’s 11th Annual Autumn Arts Festival Thumbnail

Arts Center Killingworth’s 11th Annual Autumn Arts Festival
Oct 1, 2015 Blog by Gloria Nilsson Follow

Mixed media artist Gloria Nilsson will be exhibiting her recent work which includes paintings on silk, hand painted scarves, hand pulled gelatin prints, and her unique jewelry collections at the Arts Center Killingworth’s 11th Annual Autumn Arts Festival. The event will be Saturday, October 10 (9:30-5pm) and Sunday, October 11 (12-5pm) with a rain date of Monday, October 12 (10-5pm). This popular festival presents award-winning artists and fine artisans from Connecticut and... Read More »
Art Festival, Madison Connecticut Town Green, Arts Center Killingworth, Spectrum Gallery, Connecticut Artists, Gloria Nilsson, Gelatin prints, silk painting, hand painted scarf, polymer clay jewelry, wire wrap jewelry, wire wrapped scarf clip, JazzMan Duo, Jan Jungden Trio

Una pequeña ayudita (A little help) Thumbnail

Una pequeña ayudita (A little help)
Oct 1, 2015 Blog by Cristina Del Rosso Follow

Pero ¿qué es esto? ¿Máquinas de dibujar? Pues sí, esto es una caja de perspectiva. Te sorprende, ¿no? Los artistas tenemos pequeños secretos..  Si alguna ves te sorprendiste por el detalle de una vista de Venecia pintada por Canaletto, hoy te cuento cómo lo hizo. Sigue leyendo en: Si quieres recibir artículos como éste en tu mail, inscríbete aquí. ENGLISH But, wha... Read More »
perspectiva, perspective, camera obscura, cámara oscura, perspective box, caja de perspectiva, cámara lúcida, camera lucida, Elinga, Canaletto, Durero, Dürer, Brunelleschi, Alberti, Velázquez, Vermeer, Leonardo, Sir Joshua Reynolds, van Eyck, Hoogstraten, Rembrandt, Claudio Lorena, Claude Lorrain, Degas, Delacroix, Ingres

Hello A Thumbnail

Hello A
Sep 28, 2015 Blog by rupert cefai Follow

It's been a week now that you're here. Each year when you're back, your arrival seems to go somewhat unnoticed. I have no memories of anyone celebrating your advent, nor proclaiming happiness when you're with us or even mildly acknowledging your presence. But maybe it's just me. Maybe it's just my own bias against you that takes over. Yes, maybe that's what blinds me against you, unpleasant childhood memories of repetitive ends.  But then again, it’s not th... Read More »

Prizes, People and Pizz Thumbnail

Prizes, People and Pizz
Sep 28, 2015 Blog by Olivia Alexander Follow

I've just returned from Brisbane where I enjoyed soaking up the sunshine and some of the wonderful restaurants and cafes by the river. I was there as a finalist in the international Brisbane Art Prize. I didn't win the art prize, but you know what? I felt that I was rewarded in many other ways.   Often it's not about the prizes (and who doesn't love them!), and it's not about the sales. I mean, we always need more sales,  right? Lets face it, us artist d... Read More »
art business, abstract art, inspiration, art prizes, art community

¿Una mujer de la calle o una pionera? Thumbnail

¿Una mujer de la calle o una pionera?
Sep 25, 2015 Blog by Cristina Del Rosso Follow

Una dama de la alta sociedad podía pintar pero no debía exponer. A Berthe Morisot se le despertó su vocación muy tempranamente, y a pesar de las advertencias del profesor, su madre la apoyó siempre. Esto le trajo más de un problema. ¿Era una mujer de la calle o una pionera? Lo descubrimos hoy leyendo una de sus cartas. Te invito a leerla en el artículo de mi blog: Si quieres recibir artícul... Read More »
Berthe Morisot, Manet, Monet, Cassatt, Caillebotte, Durand-Ruel, Sisley, Gauguin, Pissarro, Julie Manet, Renoir, Mallarmé

Gaya New Website Thumbnail

Gaya New Website
Sep 21, 2015 Blog by Gaya Follow

Gaya Contemporary Abstract Art Great news for my art lovers! I am glad to share that my new professional artist website has been launched and is now ON. Feel free to visit it and I hope you would like and enjoy it. Gaya is an award-winning contemporary abstract artist who lives and creates in Toronto. During her emerging artistic career, Gaya has succeeded in many of her endeavors. Gaya is a Featured Artist with Manhattan Arts International.  The artist... Read More »
art, contemporary art, abstract art, award-winning artist, contemporary abstract artist, abstract art website, online art gallery, art for sale, contemporary art for sale

The Inner Child Thumbnail

The Inner Child
Sep 20, 2015 Blog by rupert cefai Follow

'Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.' - Pablo Picasso I have always found this quote intriguing. If Picasso was right, what did I manage to retain from my childhood that kept me from growing out of being an artist? Not an easy question to answer. Is it the inquisitive mind of a child? is it that feeling of awe, where everything is new? or is it that sense of adventure where even if closed within the constraints of 4 walls you still feel yo... Read More »
artist, inner child, art, childhood

Magritte, La Condición Humana (Magritte's The Human Condition) Thumbnail

Magritte, La Condición Humana (Magritte's The Human Condition)
Sep 17, 2015 Blog by Cristina Del Rosso Follow

Hoy en el blog analizamos La Condición Humana de René Magritte. Es un cuadro enigmático como todos los que vienen de su mano: no es sólo una creación que se basa en las ilusiones ópticas, sino que nos hace reflexionar sobre las limitaciones del ser humano. Te invito a leer el artículo en: Si quieres recibir artículos como éste, inscríbete aquí.   ENGLISH Paintin... Read More »
Magritte, La condición humana, The Human Condition, Arp, Dalí, Persistencia de la memoria, Persistence of memory, De Chirico, Cántico de amor, Love Song, La traición de las imágenes, The treachery of images, El dominio de Arnheim, The domain of Arnheim, Paseo de Euclides, Euclid Walks

Zoia will participate in Child CARE Monaco 2nd LADIES RALLY VINTAGE CARS Thumbnail

Zoia will participate in Child CARE Monaco 2nd LADIES RALLY VINTAGE CARS
Sep 13, 2015 Blog by Zoia Follow

Zoia will join the team of LADIES RALLY VINTAGE CARS to support charity of Child CARE Monaco.  The second edition of the Ladies’ Rally Vintage Car Charity Event takes place Sept 20th, 2015. Created by Martine Ackermann it is  a glamorous and entertaining women-only fundraiser event. Ladies from Monaco will drive across the French Riviera in fabulous vintage cars: AC Cobra, Rolls Royce, Porsche 356, MG... Child CARE Monaco is a foundation with the objecti... Read More »
LADIES RALLY VINTAGE CARS, Child CARE Monaco, Martine Ackermann, Rolls Royce, Monaco, artist and charity, zoia skoropadenko

TORSO back in Paris. Rivoli 59 Thumbnail

TORSO back in Paris. Rivoli 59
Sep 13, 2015 Blog by Zoia Follow

Zoia was invited to celebrate "the reunion of the pirates" from both Italian and  French Riviera. The artists made a new façade that was installed on the legendary Rivoli 59 building  and  it is an artist's representation of the legendary Radio Caroline pirate radio ship, The Ross Revenge. Radio Caroline is the best known pirate radio station from the 1960s to today as seen in the "Good Morning England ".  Zoia presented her breathtaken... Read More »
zoia skoropadenko, contemporary art, rivoli59, radio caroline, torsoexhibition

I Try Always Thumbnail

I Try Always
Sep 13, 2015 Blog by Miguel Esquivel Kuello Follow

MIGUEL ESQUIVEL KUELLO Contemporary art  My artistic work is in constant evolution. Communication with the observer is a main concern for me : I wish to explore with my public the essence of being and of the human spirit. Although concrete reality is unescapable, I want to trace an audacious path toward bright horizons : through the use of different themes, styles, forms and techniques, my creations try to wear away pain and sadness, leading to pleasure, beauty and ideal perfection. mi... Read More »
Intentar siempre, miguel esquivel kuello, i try always

Tarde pero seguro Thumbnail

Tarde pero seguro
Sep 11, 2015 Blog by Cristina Del Rosso Follow

Sí, tarde pero seguro. Quería ir a ver la exposición "Fuego blanco" en el Museo Reina Sofía de Madrid, se me fue pasando todo el verano hasta que al final pude ir a verla esta semana... Te cuento mi experiencia en el post de esta semana. Si quieres recibir los artículos todos los jueves en tu mail, inscríbete aquí. ENGLISH: Sorry, this week only in spanish. You can read another posts on cri... Read More »
Klee, Fuego blanco, White Fire, Museo Reina Sofía, Kunstmuseum Basel, Kline, Warhol, Rothko, Johns, Albers, Mondrian, Léger, Schlemmer, Kirchner

Spectrum Gallery Autumn Arts Exhibit Thumbnail

Spectrum Gallery Autumn Arts Exhibit
Sep 10, 2015 Blog by Gloria Nilsson Follow

Autumn Arts Exhibit September 25-November 8, 2015. All exhibiting artists are also participating in the 11th annual Outdoor Autumn Arts Festival on the Madison Town Green (Saturday-Sunday, October 10-11, 2015) . Opening Reception Friday, September 25th, 6:30-9pm Read More »
spectrum gallery, autumn arts exhibit, gloria nilsson, silk painting, on the corner, Brooklyn, NY, gelatin prints, Gelli prints

Arts Center Killingworth’s Annual Outdoor Autumn Arts Festival Thumbnail

Arts Center Killingworth’s Annual Outdoor Autumn Arts Festival
Sep 10, 2015 Blog by Gloria Nilsson Follow

Arts Center Killingworth’s Annual Outdoor Autumn Arts Festival Saturday and Sunday October 10 and 11. Rain Date Monday, October 12 on the Madison Town Green, Boston Post Rd/Copse Rd, Madison, CT   I'm looking forward to another great art festival on the beautiful Madison Green! This is the one and only outdoor event I will be doing this year so please stop by and take a look at what I've been up to ;) !!  Also mark your calendars for the Autumn Arts Exhibit at... Read More »
arts center killingworth annual outdoor art festival, Connecticut outdoor festivals, gloria nilsson, arts center killingworth, silk paintings, silk scarves, gelatin prints, gelli prints, polymer clay jewelry, wire wrapped jewelry, hand forged limited edition jewelry, swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones

Shows and Festivals coming! Thumbnail

Shows and Festivals coming!
Sep 10, 2015 Blog by Linda Boisvert DeStefanis Follow

Hello everyone! First, I want to tell you that I was honored to be invited to become a Council Member for the CT Women Artist group. The officers and Council Member's will hold a show at 'Trinity-on-Main Stockman Gallery' in New Britain from Oct. 2-30, 2015  I have been staying busy with shows and have 2 pieces in the Vernon Center's "On and Of Paper" juried show. A beautiful show, just as I thought. I loved the theme and sure enough, there were sculptures an... Read More »
Bayville Waterside Festival, Lyme, shows, Vernon, Open Studio

Immortal Zugzwang | Ready to die? L’Armageddon della pittura. di Eleonora Milani Thumbnail

Immortal Zugzwang | Ready to die? L’Armageddon della pittura. di Eleonora Milani
Sep 9, 2015 Article by agatino raciti Follow

Uno dei più grandi maestri degli scacchi Garry Kimovič Kasparov, sostiene che: «A livello più alto, gli scacchi sono un talento per controllare cose prive di relazione. È come controllare il caos.» Come si controlla il caos? Non sarà forse un’infimo desiderio barbaro dell’uomo dare forma a ciò che non si lascia mettere in forma? Il gioco degli scacchi, apparente pedana regolata da ordine e controllo mentale, regno d’opposti c... Read More »

In de Centrale for Contemporary Art : Prix Marcel Duchamp. Thumbnail

In de Centrale for Contemporary Art : Prix Marcel Duchamp.
Sep 8, 2015 Blog by Gabriëlla Cleuren Follow

Een mooie zondagmorgen, de derde van augustus, bezocht ik de tentoonstelling : ‘Invitation au voyage – 15 jaar prijs Marcel Duchamp. 14 Laureaten met enkele van hun werken aanwezig , gaven een invulling aan die reis, ofwel in de ruimte, in het geheugen of in de geschiedenis van de evolutie in het innerlijk. Zeer verschillende benaderingen.Allen zijn min of meer gekoppeld aan een senel evoluerende wereld: versnelling van desintegratei, overrompeling door informatie en be... Read More »


Sep 8, 2015 Blog by Gabriëlla Cleuren Follow

Op 01.08 ’s avonds ging mijn tocht richting Antwerpen voor een bezoek aan verschillende musea.Daarbij besloot ik het museum voor Edelsmeedkunst, juwelen en diamanten te bezoeken, maar daar bleken alleen wat ziveren theekannen   uit verschillende  tijden  tot en met Art Deco tentoongesteld. Verder werd mij zeer vriendelijk uitgelegd dat er een ontwerp voor een nieuw museum in de maak was,  maar dat het slechts in 2017 zou klaar zijn. Een maquette werd niet... Read More »