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Best Garage Door Company Thumbnail

Best Garage Door Company
Jul 23, 2016, 7:50:00 AM Blog by Keira Campion Follow

Best Garage Door Company is a garage door company that installs and repairs garage doors, motors and is derived. We offer service like residential, commercial for garage door repair, maintenance and installation and can return to your house constant day with best technicians. Top Garage Door Company services by local specialists. Call now and receive same day garage door service. We have a tendency to fix broken garage door springs, openers, cables & a lot of. Call (518) 899-4971 and ob... Read More »
Garage Door Repair Top Garage Door Company Garage Doors Garage Door Repairs Best Garage Door Company

NEW WORK Thumbnail

Jul 21, 2016, 9:18:00 PM Blog by Choko Nakazono Follow

I would like to introduce a new digital work. The title of the work is "the deep sea" I have creating not only the “Cutting Art Craft” but also the digital arts of my own. My digital art is based on my work. For me, the digital art gives new... Read More »
abstract choko fine art mixed media design

We were born to be the Great! Thumbnail

We were born to be the Great!
Jul 21, 2016, 11:47:00 AM Blog by Anan Art Gallery Vietnam Follow

I write this store as it is very meaningful story to think about. The wondering of the leave is also the wondering of many artists (I think). The true meaning of an artist life is to leave the life with a beautiful legacy works....... Each of us born as a gift from the Heaven. Even that each of us is just a "cell" in the world, but together we can make incredible thing. Next to the small road, there is a very longstanding giant tree. When spring comes, the leaves from the tree be... Read More »
Hoi An we were born to be the great True meaning of the life

Locksmith Near Me For Car Thumbnail

Locksmith Near Me For Car
Jul 21, 2016, 9:22:00 AM Blog by Noser Trian Follow

Locksmith Near Me For Automotives gives the most affordable and quick residential locksmith services in New York City. Our domestic local locksmiths have the required skills and expertise. Keeping valuable things in the safe manner is essential. Expert from KEYWORD serves local clients with best locksmith service. Our trained technicians help you in all situation. Visit Our website for more information about Locksmith New York, NY. Read More »
Locksmith Near Me For Car Locksmith Near Me For Automotive

tapisserie sur toile sans encadrement / tapistry on cloth without framing Thumbnail

tapisserie sur toile sans encadrement / tapistry on cloth without framing
Jul 16, 2016, 5:41:00 PM Blog by julien_julles artists Follow

Je suis julien samuel lalouette un jeune artiste mauricien qui fait des tapisserie canevas rare et unique de taille 40cm x 51cm fait de point de croix sans encadrement la durer des travaux prend trois mois pour une piece les prix euro 1500 le prix de livraison sont inclus. vous pouvez visiter ma page facebook aussi d'autre site internet pour voir plus de photo et details sur le lien suivant: http://julartists.simplesi... Read More »


Jul 14, 2016, 2:01:51 PM Status by Sharon Passmore Follow

Hello Artists! Because this is such an international community, this is the best place to ask for help.  I made a FaceBook page called "Translate the Joke" because it seemd to be a fun way to bring people together and promote world peace. The way it would work is that each post is a joke. Maybe a bi-lingual person would add a comment putting the joke in another language. Now we are laughing together. I tried to do a... Read More »

Scam Alert Thumbnail

Scam Alert
Jul 13, 2016, 8:58:00 AM Blog by Lee Campbell Follow

A warning to fellow artists: For the second time in 5 years I have been contacted by a scammer or scammers using the same ruse. Firstly a flattering email requesting the price of one or several paintings (note very bad English and punctuation, also an unusual email address) saying they are working overseas (Paris or Denmark) and saying they will have the work collected. Secondly, they will request the address to send the cheque - despite being told pay with bank transfer or PayPal.... Read More »
scamms scammer

Time to Create Thumbnail

Time to Create
Jul 13, 2016, 2:12:00 AM Blog by KJ Burk Follow

What to Create is more like it... As I stare at a blank canvas with my paintbrush in hand, I pause just before beginning to apply paint. The pause is a ritualI have done for as long as I can remember. It's that moment where I think to myself, 'what do I REALLY want to create right now?' It's that brief moment where I block out what the art market is currently dictating is popular or acceptable. As artists it is important to create because we are inspired to do so, not becaus... Read More »
art create paint easel artist thoughts blank

... deeply embroiled in Mathematical Theory Thumbnail

... deeply embroiled in Mathematical Theory
Jul 10, 2016, 1:35:00 PM Blog by Glenn Michael Morley Follow

... to write a Doctoral Thesis is no small task - for those who have written one they understand its all-consuming demands - it is an intellectual Mount Everest climb-like slog - mathematical theory has its own peculiar demands - you have your moments of revelation and then get bogged down deeply in theoretical imbroglios that exhaust your resources - always it is there - in the back of your mind - turning thoughts around and around - over and over - thinking thinking and more thinking - even wh... Read More »

Today opening Earth magic - Aujourd'hui vernissage Magie de la Terre Thumbnail

Today opening Earth magic - Aujourd'hui vernissage Magie de la Terre
Jul 8, 2016, 7:17:00 PM Blog by MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma Follow

Today, my personal exhibition starts at Brunswick Street Gallery. If you stay or live in and around Melbourne, you have the possibility to visit the exhibition until the 21st of July. You do not live in Melbourne and do not travel in the region? Then, you can watch my video where I present all exhibited paintings If you like a particular painting, do not hesitate contacting the gallery. Aujourd’hui mon exposition personnelle Magie de la... Read More »

Will You Buy Artworks from Online Art Gallery? Thumbnail

Will You Buy Artworks from Online Art Gallery?
Jul 6, 2016, 11:58:00 AM Article by IndianArtIdeas Follow

In today’s set-up, people are super busy. They find it difficult to strike a balance between professional and personal commitments. Weekends are the only respite to hectic schedules and long working hours. People look forward to weekends to relax and unwind at home. There is nothing in this world that can be traded off with the comfort of home. If it is not something important, people don’t even want to step out of their homes on a weekend. The same explains the surge of online shopp... Read More »
Online art online paintings


Jul 6, 2016, 4:02:00 AM Blog by Frantz Dupiton Art Museum Follow

Art is an entity that transforms the soul. It stipulates a sentiment of joy, plenitude, perfection, beauty and represents a world vision where humanity exalted by shapes and colors. My passion for art is a high slope torrent that spreads into my veins at elevated potency. It transcends love and sensibility. My Philosophy about Art: It could not be only the charm of the museum, but the pillar under the rooftop of all human kind where it holds its purity and eternity. Art is the first finding o... Read More »

Want to enjoy your flight? Thumbnail

Want to enjoy your flight?
Jul 2, 2016, 10:59:00 AM Blog by leemenefee Follow

There are so many things you can do to be sure that you will enjoy your flight and will move stress-free from one place to another. However, we are the ones who complicate our task and regret being a part of a flight travel that turns out to be annoying and irritating. If you have had a bitter flight travelling experience, we think you should read this post carefully so that the next time you catch a flight, you will not be annoyed or irritated by the flying experience.   1. Travel li... Read More »

Denver Locksmith Thumbnail

Denver Locksmith
Jul 2, 2016, 8:40:00 AM Blog by Denver Locksmith Follow

Denver Locksmith is a local repair service provider from past 10 years, with certifie technicians to handle best quality services at lowest cost possible. You can call us anytime of the day or night with 24/7 available emergency requirements like: Residential Services Commercial Services Automotive Services Emergency Services All above services will be served on the same day within 20 minutes from your call. You can visit our website for more information or any further requir... Read More »
Locksmith Denver Locksmith Denver CO Denver Locksmith Locksmith in Denver Locksmith Denver Colorado

Solo exhibition Earth Magic - News  Exposition personnelle Magie de la Terre - Nouvelles Thumbnail

Solo exhibition Earth Magic - News Exposition personnelle Magie de la Terre - Nouvelles
Jun 30, 2016, 1:14:00 PM Blog by MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma Follow

From the 8th to the 21st of July, my solo exhibition Earth Magic will take place in Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy, Australia. Yesterday, I have sent the paintings with courier to the gallery. Further, I have visited Gandhi Museum at Madurai in order to talk about the organisation of an exhibition. On Monday, I will know more details. My flight ticket for France is already booked and I will start my exhibition tour in France in September. This year, I have organised solo exhibitions in Limoux... Read More »
exposition personnelle solo exhibition l'art éco-spirituel de la déesse Terre et Nature Eco-spiritual Earth-Nature Goddess Art MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma MAriska Ondrich

Art in Bangladesh Thumbnail

Art in Bangladesh
Jun 29, 2016, 9:10:00 AM Blog by Adward Follow

This time art in Bangladesh is going popular day by day...  There are so many great artists we have in our country.  Zaynul abedin war the greatest artist of Bangladesh.  He established the institution for fine art in 1948 . From that time art is growing up academically in Bangladesh.  Now we have many quality artists in Bangladesh . We know artist shahabuddin, who got knight Award from France. We have avi shangkor ain who pain hyper realistic paintings.... Read More »


Jun 25, 2016, 1:43:00 PM Blog by Choko Nakazono Follow

I would like to introduce my NEW WORK. The title of the new work is “POPPY” Size: h300mm x w300mm I started new series. Its title is “KASANE”. “KASANE” in Japanese language means “repeat” in English. 1000 years or more ago, Japanese princess wore many thin kimonos. Juni-hitoe is a formal attire of Japanese noble women who emerged around the tenth century in the Heian period. The colors of osode(kimono with big sleeves and opene... Read More »
beauty abstract choko fine art paper craft original pattern art craft


Jun 23, 2016, 6:45:40 PM Status by farzadjahd1324 Follow

This tableau which you see its photo, is made of more than 50000 colored glazes, artificial stones and diamonds. Its size is 80 in 120. There is no oil colors or other kind of colors used in this art work. For attaching all this materials on the canvas the heating glue is used. About its imagery content, you can see Farvahar sign in the center of the image and the his  three words of guidance around that. The margins are decorated with aesthetic elements.  Two sign of Achaemenian so... Read More »


Jun 22, 2016, 7:49:22 PM Status by Seshadri Follow

Dear Feloow Artist, Many thanks for taking time and commenting on my artworks. I am an artist. I create art for me and share it with the world for those who choose to enjoy it. To continue my efforts with vigour and passion I am participating in the Gold Contest. I would greatly appreciate it if you would cast your valuable vote for me.  Enter Artmajeur Gold Awards  on Google. It will take you to the page, then click of ‘view records’,... Read More »

Art show Thumbnail

Art show
Jun 20, 2016, 5:09:00 AM Blog by JacquelineJoAnn Follow

My art work is being display at Metamorphosis Gallery North in Washburn WI until the end of August.  I will be there for a meet and greet July 22 from 5/7 pm. if you are in the area stop by and say Hi! there will be several artists, and just around the corner is a wonderful gallery, watercolor studio and a great coffee shop.  In Bayfirld just a few miles away are many shops and great restaurants.      thank you Jacquelinejoann Read More »