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GONIN Raphaëlle

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I have always been drawing, then painting, then sculpting to finally meet chinese ink by chance and never leave.

First repelled by its fluidity and transience, I realized that "drawing with chinese ink" could concentrate all the techniques previously developed with other materials (oil, pencil, pastels) with the difference that ink offers no opportunity to correct. Each drawing became then a little challenge.

My "grisailles" could be the photo album of my (little) life, my trips in Lyon Croix-Rousse mainly ...

Deserted places (but not disembodied), elements of architecture, doors, stairs all call me and with the drawing I attempt to translate the sensations felt there where sounds, smells and sometimes rats came together...

The common theme in all my drawings could be the passage. After focusing over several hundred drawings on the subject of windows and then stairs, finally I was looking for a more intense light that the hallways were able to bring me in the latest series "Lignes de Fuite" ("Vanishing Point") where the transition from darkness to light is obvious.

I have always been drawing without any other ambition than filling my days.
It is ongoing. With this intense feeling of being alive when I draw.

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Displaying results 1 to 36 on 353