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Bruno Lemoine

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frSavigny Sur Orge,France

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Since my youth, painting and the drawing bring to me a space of freedom and unbounded expression. I am interested very early in great classic Egypt, ancient Greece, the Romanesque art are the occasion to analyze the form and the spirit which emerges some. I takes a great pleasure to survey, contemplate, draw and meditate in the museums.
In addition the sketches in the subway, the coffees, the parks give me the advisability of developing a more personal expression. Nature is a major subject of inspiration. During my various voyages in the Alps, in the Vendée, in Burgundy I paint according to nature of the watercolours. I like great spaces and the ciels filled with stars.
Later, a new step is profiled, which leads to papers and fabrics large size. Its paintings are directly drawn from my interior world. The image is pushed back voluntarily in the unconscious one for better taking all its dimension on the fabric - I realize than a too stopped image solidifies and loses its poetic value.
While developing an abstraction, I still continue to carry out more figurative works on the basis of drawings carried out on the sharp one. The possibilities of transposition starting from the drawing are unlimited. Works libérent original studies to be purified, synthesized with a preoccupation with a use of the space which enable them to acquire a new expressive force.

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Displaying results 1 to 36 on 43