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Alis La Luna

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Ever since I can remember, I have had a deep fascination for art. I always instinctively enjoyed the whole creative process, and with time became more aware of the emotional and the psychological responses surrounding it.

While studying at high school, I tried the usual variety of art mediums, such as painting, drawing, and sculpture. But I felt I needed to find a more individual way of expressing myself. So I started experimenting with different tools and materials. For example: Using Zelyonka (a green local antiseptic) and iodine to paint onto canvas.

I was first introduced to photography around the age of 17, when I attended an analogue photography club. During the year I was there, I learnt about fine art and reportage photography and my appetite for photography grew.

When I received my first film camera, I felt as if I had gained some kind of intrinsic power along with it. I knew deep down, that this is what I wanted to do. My camera and I became inseparable. I would take my camera nearly everywhere that I went, taking shots of anything that interested me.

After finishing Kyiv International School I got accepted into the University for the Creative Arts in Kent, in the United Kingdom in 2006. I studied art and design at foundation level for the first year, where I developed my skills and passion for fine art. I then furthered my study and graduated with BA (Hons) in Contemporary Photographic Practice.

While at university I learnt a broad variety of photographical skills and techniques within many genres, and became proficient in the use of many different types of camera. But I specialized in medium and large format black and white photography. As this was the area in which I felt I could really strive to express my thoughts and feelings, in a dynamic and powerful way.

During the last few years, my major inspirations in the photography world have been artists such as Francesca Woodman, Anna Gaskel, and Duane Michaels. I can relate to, and see parallels within, their works and mine. Their styles encourage me to aspire to achieve my own unique, individualistic and experimental approach within my creative endeavours.

This I believe is evident in my chosen field of photography as well as my outlook to life and the way I live it.

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Displaying results 1 to 36 on 98